The chances are you’re here due to a genuine interest in the illuminati, or at least because you’re intrigued about who and what the illuminati is. You may have seen it referenced in a movie or heard in a song, you may have been introduced to the idea by a friend or family member who has recommended that you look into it further, you may have become aware of the illuminati symbolism we’re exposed to on a daily basis which has led you to ask questions about its meaning and origin, or perhaps you’ve just

ended up here by complete accident or coincidence but whatever the case, please at least read through this introduction, as the topic of ‘the illuminati’ is of paramount importance to pretty much every person on the planet today.

If you’re already familiar with the idea of the illuminati then you can go ahead and look at the more in depth and specific material here but if you’re new to all of this and are wondering what ‘the illuminati’ is all about it would benefit you to read through the rest of this introductory section before moving on to the other information.

Essentially, the term ‘illuminati’ is now increasingly and more popularly being used to refer to a believed group of secretive ‘elite’ families and powerful individuals who are fundamentally manipulating and controlling global society as we know it for their own ends, unbeknown to the vast majority, via their vast array of influential establishments and institutions which include politics, religion, the mainstream media, the military, healthcare and education for example, all of which, most falsely believe exist to aid and support us in our lives and have no malevolent objectives. This is nothing new and the idea of the few controlling the many can be seen time and time again throughout history. However it is only today, now that most of the population believe we have reached a certain level of ‘development’ and this could not be the case, that the few can hide relatively unnoticed behind seemingly credible and virtuous institutions and work to control and enslave us in less apparent and obvious ways but control and enslave us just the same.

The word illuminati actually means ‘enlightened’ or ‘illuminated ones’ and this refers to the fact that those few in the positions of power today truly believe they are blessed with some advanced knowledge and higher knowing that gives them the right to rule over and govern the rest of the population, who are viewed by them as simply not being deserving of, or capable of dealing with such ‘knowledge’.

Illuminati Occult RitualThe illuminati consists primarily of super rich and powerful individuals and families from finance and banking but also includes monarchs, high profile business people, religious leaders, high ranking politicians and an unseen faction which operate from ‘behind the curtain’ as it were. The illuminati have always believed in, and today, still practice occult ceremonies and esoteric ritualism which links to their perceived ‘knowledge’ and is also the reason why they utilize so much symbolism which pays homage

to their ritualistic deities, allows them to subconsciously suggest and manipulate the masses and also allows them to communicate who is in control of and orchestrating what, to other members around the world who understand what the symbology actually means.

Now, admittedly, if you are being presented with this idea for the first time then yes, it may well seem somewhat extreme and maybe even unlikely which is completely understandable – nearly everyone who is exposed to this for the first time automatically has these feelings of doubt and disbelief, it is merely a protective mechanism you subconsciously deploy because your whole take on reality and the way you believed existence to be is being challenged. However, once you begin to really open your eyes (and ears) it then becomes patently obvious, more and more everyday, how it is in fact true and has always been the case throughout history.

You may truly think that you are free because you are apparently given some basic choices in your life, like this or that party, this job or that job, this school or that college, religion or science etc but unfortunately, ultimately this is not the case. The illuminati cleverly provide you with the illusion of choice and you can never really do what you truly want to do and when you want to do it, without some illuminati controlled institution standing in the way and determining ‘how’ you can go about doing what you want to do – that is not true freedom, that is dictation and the more appropriate truth is that, put bluntly – you are free to do as you’re are told.

Illuminati ManipulationYou have to understand that we have all been lied to and manipulated from the second we were born and so it’s very hard to suddenly cast off all of these pre programmed beliefs and begin to accept a new way of looking at reality, yet it is absolutely critical that we do so because the illuminati and those in control today rely completely on your ignorance and blind obedience in order to ensure their survival. It is in their best interests to keep you perpetually mislead and distracted because if you do begin to ‘wake up’ and see what is really happening in your life and the world around you, you pose a distinct threat to their agenda and existence.

The illuminati have worked on enslaving the masses for centuries through various different means, yet it is only now that an increasing number of people around the world are finally beginning to awaken to the fact, due to things like the power of the internet and the increasing divide between rich and poor. It is also, thankfully, the most appropriate time for this to be taking place as the illuminati are now actually beginning to step up their

agenda for complete control and dominance of our lives and have already started implementing it at an alarming rate.

To discover who the Illuminati are, what exactly their agenda is, how they are going about implementing it in your life and more importantly what you can do to truly liberate yourself from it and bring their time old manipulations and deception to an end please read through the various different articles here with an open mind. Again, if you are completely new to the idea of a secret organization of powerful individuals controlling society as we know it, you may do well to initially pick a topic you have an interest in or some familiarity with, in order to ‘break yourself’ into it gently and keep an element of relatedness there, instead of perhaps feeling overwhelmed and unknowledgeable. There are others that will perhaps prefer to ‘jump in at the deep end’ and this is great, as stated – as long as you read with an open mind and try to progressively build up a picture of how it all fits together, as it is very much like a jigsaw puzzle – a couple of pieces on their own will not make much sense but once you start to put all of the pieces together then you can begin to see the real picture.

Use the information here to awaken and liberate yourself and others and not to let it further suppress or even depress you as it can initially with many because this is the exact state of mind the illuminati want us all to be in. Utilize it to help you live a freer, happier and more satisfying life, free from the restrictions and manipulations of others – the way it was always supposed to be.