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April 17, 2014

Alien Invasion Predictive Programming in British Tetley Tea Commercial

To celebrate 40 years of serving tea to the parched UK public quintessential British brand Tetley has released a new digitally animated TV commercial which shows the much-loved ‘Tetley Tea Folk’ dabbling in diplomacy amid an alien invasion of London.

Gaffer, Tina & Sydney inadvertently calm the hostile situation between the reptilian looking beings and members of the the U.K government & military by handing them a good old “cuppa” to which they seem surprisingly partial.

With over 34 billion cups of tea consumed in the U.K each year though, could the theme of this seemingly fun & lighthearted piece actually be about predictably programming the ‘great’ British public into subconsciously accepting the possibility of impending alien invasion?

Tetley Tea Alien Invasion

Tetley Tea Alien Invasion

Tetley Tea Alien Invasion

Sup up.

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  1. lala

    there is a video from save the children UK called most shocking second a day video which is suppose to demonstrate the gradual trauma children around the world go through due to wars. however whats interesting is that it is shown to have a war going on in the UK, as though they are prompting us of such events

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