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February 7, 2013

All UK Dogs To Be Microchipped By 2016

Mandatory Dog Microchipping

The UK government announced yesterday that a new ‘law’ (or revenue generating ACT passed without the knowledge or consent of the people) means that as from April 2016, all dogs will have to be mandatorily microchipped, in a apparent attempt to curb dangerous and abandoned animals, with anyone failing to comply being hit with a fine of up to £500.

The dog’s details (and the owners) will be registered on an authorised commercial database, providing those in control with yet more information about the people’s whereabouts and activities, yet, quite how a microchip inserted under the skin is going to prevent dogs from being abandoned or curb dangerous dog behaviour is unapparent. Yes, microchips can help to reunite a dog with it’s owner if it has been genuinely lost but so can a collar and tag, yet those irresponsible individuals that this new legislation is supposedly aimed at, are highly unlikely to conform and get their dogs chipped.

In reality, this has nothing to do with animal welfare, it represents the next inevitable step in the agenda to microchip the population. The UK is a nation of dog lovers and so what better way to ‘ease’ it’s people into the notion of the mass microchipping of living things than to do it to their pets under the false pretense of owner obligation and unfortunately, it looks like it’s working as the UK masses sadly seem to be welcoming it with open arms simply because it relates to their beloved pets.

First dogs, then pedophiles and violent criminals and then the people themselves and by that time, and following a few more false flag terror attacks and government orchestrated massacres that “could have been avoided had those involved of been microchipped”, there will be no resistance from the majority and any conscious individuals who do oppose being tagged like a sheep will be demonised by those in control as being negligent, selfish and potentially a ‘danger’ to the rest of the ‘responsible’ microchipped population.


  1. Vigilanti - Realize whats going on (Religeon)

    “yet those irresponsible individuals that this new legislation is supposedly aimed at, are highly unlikely to conform and get their dogs chipped.”

    I don’t consent to any Act of Parliament, I did not vote for this party.
    Their for im no part of this.
    Iv had dogs all my life, My current one i love like a son.
    No way am i getting my dog chipped, How do they even know i have a dog to chip?
    Here come the pet registration, Tax, Fees, And the big BT Human micro chip test, How can they fine me if i don’t have a name or date of birth may i ask?

    Yours truly
    A pissed off mofo

  2. carabine

    Awesome article.

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