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October 20, 2012

Angel Haze: I Don’t Believe In Illuminati

In a recent online interview ‘fresh’ new female rapper Angel Haze attempted to answer a number of questions people had posted on YouTube after watching her latest video, which, rather awkwardly for her, included the illuminati and demonic symbolism. As with any other time the topic of the illuminati is brought up within the mainstream, it is generally poo pooed and poked fun at and not surprisingly, this interview with Angel is no different.

She starts by highlighting the fact that the people posing the questions can’t spell properly because they’ve typed in ‘txt speak’ and refers to it as “dumb sh*t”, in an obvious attempt to implant in viewers minds the idea that people who talk about the illuminati must be stupid. Yet of course anyone who spends any time online will know that the YouTube comments section has never been a place for grammatical genius and so to point this well known fact out is hardly an effective defence, it merely shifts the focus and allows her to dodge the illuminati probing.

Secondly, after reading another (admittedly silly) YouTube comment she proceeds to burst out into a fit of forced laughter (as most of the interviewers and interviewees do when asked about illuminati involvement on camera) and proceeds to say that she hates ‘conspiracy theorists’ because they they get so wrapped up in a conspiracy that they lose their mind and are no longer living in reality. This, of course, is a common smear tactic seen time and time again which aims to associate people who believe in ‘conspiracies’ with delusion, when it is in fact those who swallow the completely manufactured world she herself is now a part of, that are not living in ‘reality’.

Angel’s explanation for the video is simply that she ‘likes’ Freddy Krueger and so that is what it was based upon. She says she doesn’t believe in the illuminati or satan and that she is actually angered by the peoples reference to the “supposed” (as she refers to it) illuminati and demonic symbolism in her video. However, if we just take a quick look at some of the many images that subliminally flash up throughout the video, it becomes glaringly obvious that either Angel doesn’t know what she’s talking about, or that she’s trying to pull the wool over our eyes…

Angel Haze Illuminati Pyramids

Flying pyramids, vacant eyes & boxed head representing an illuminati controlled mind.

Angel Haze Illuminati Pyramids

Open eyes & ‘awakened’ mind thanks to illuminati participation.

Angel Haze Illuminati All Seeing Eye

An illuminati All Seeing Eye

Angel Haze Illuminati Pyramid

An illuminati pyramid with Angel’s head/mind as the capstone.

Angel Haze Illuminati Satan

Demonic possession.

Angel Haze Illuminati Satanism

Demonic eyes & inverted crucifix – a sign of satanism.

Angel Haze Sick

Referring to the illuminati controlled industry she’s now a part of.

Angel Haze Kill It

Kill what exactly?

Angel Hayes Help

A cry for help before she gets in too deep perhaps?

Angel Haze Illuminati Tattoo

and to finish, a big fat illuminati all seeing eye pyramid tattoo wrapped with a snake to signify the cold and calculated reptilian/ illuminati controlled industry, on the arm of a man that seems to be abducting a child. Lovely.

So as you can see, Angel clearly wants nothing to do with the illuminati or satanism and any such symbolism you see repeatedly flashing throughout her video is merely a figment of your deranged imagination… What this does of course illustrate is that Angel Haze (aptly named when considering the satanic imagery of her video) is just one in a long line of illuminati controlled music industry puppets that has been specifically placed in front of the masses as a means to continue subconsciously peddling their illuminati and satanic doctrines.


  1. Alex

    Stupid sheeple!

  2. Alex

    She’s dumb she has a nerve…..your not in reality you ignorant ugly ass bitch! Waaaaaack with your illuminati videos lets see we’re you’ll b soon

  3. Operabound

    Man, for all of the Illuminati driven artists that there are out there, I wish there were a movie about these celebrities and how they got to where they are, who died for speaking out against the illuminati, etc. I would love to see a movie talking about that but making it look as if it were fiction to as not to piss off the men behind the curtain. That would be good. But of course a movie like that would be censored so much before making it to theaters, if ever making it there at all. in the words of John Mayer, when they own the information, they can bend it all they want. That’s right, I quoted John Mayer.

  4. Deebee

    Yeah of course you don’t understand, that’s why in this rap you reference all the 13 bloodlines and their puppets.

  5. Anons

    She’s obviously making fun of the Illuminati and occult to make people think that they don’t exist. She’s just trying to make the masses blind and ignorant just as she is. She knows what she had/will go through for signing to a major and blowing up. You know what I’m talking about, the rituals and signing in blood.

  6. transilluminati

    this whole page is comedy. especially since the screen caps of ‘sick’ and ‘help’ are from the line in their song in which they say ‘sick flow, sick help, trapped me in a clinic’ which is a metaphor for having a ‘sick flow’, which if you dont know is slang for like a badass ability to rap, as well as their own struggle with mental illness.

    yall are so scared of this imagery its hilarious. like youre literally just giving them publicity to boost their career. cause lets be honest raeen has worked harder in their life to get where they are than any of you people who spent time to make a half thought out “illuminati conspiracy’ post ever have. same goes for the commenters.
    its even more ridiculous when you look at the historical origins of the illuminati which including fighting for civil rights and liberties but wtf ever. keep your mind filled with dirt.

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