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June 7, 2013

Anti-Illuminati Coca-Cola Ad Incites Revolution

A strange and somewhat conflicting advertisement for Coca-Cola surfaced from Publicis Spain recently, that while ‘officially’ is about tackling obesity, appears to also place the concept of the illuminati in plain sight, while simultaneously inciting revolution. The ad, which uses chairs as a metaphor for the unseen ruling elite, asks “what if we stand up”, before proceeding to show the chairs (the illuminati) being rendered obsolete by the people’s decision to unite and relinquish their dependence upon them.

While this is all well and good and inspirational soundtrack aside, the truth is that a corporate giant such as Coca-Cola is not actually anti-illuminati nor pro the people, it is simply cashing in on the current hot topics of “revolution” and “illuminati”, in order to sell more of it’s sugary corn syrup. What better way to get people willingly chugging down their unhealthy ‘drink’, than to make them think they’re fighting the cause by doing so. What next, Coca-Cola changes it’s slogan to Fuelling the Revolution? Please!


  1. Francis

    go ahead and tell me you don’t drink coka cola….

  2. Jade

    I don’t drink cola it’s fizzy n rots your teeth, what a stupid comment Francis!

  3. knackered

    More and more in our faces with every passing day. Notice the talking chair is covered in pyramids, and the eyeball in the still shot of the video (front center of the auditorium).

    Didn’t they just spend millions to defeat GMO labeling bills around the US? No telling what they’ve done to break into markets in Africa and the East (as portrayed in the ad). It’s all about the almighty Dollar for Coke. Nothing more.

    Yeah, Coke sparking a revolution…that’s rich.

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