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September 17, 2012

Apple Granted Patent to Remotely Disable iPhone Recording Function in Certain Locations

Apple iphone Recording Functionality Disabled

Tech giant Apple, who currently has it’s phones in the hands of over 100 million people worldwide has just been granted a suspicious new patent that will allow it to remotely disable the camera recording functionality of it’s users handsets when they stray into certain locations. Considering the huge popularity of the iPhone, this has massive implications for the future documenting and sharing of things such as protests and demonstrations that are becoming increasingly widespread as more people wake up to how

the few enslave the many and where all to often, over excited police officers, security and even military personnel turn against those whom they are supposed to be serving, in order to safeguard corporate interests and protect government ineptitude.

In recent years the growth of digital camera and camera phone usage has meant that people have been able to easily and freely capture what is going on in their part of the world or wherever they currently find themselves and subsequently share it with potentially millions of others online. This critical means of documentation and communication is a vital tool of the vigilant citizen and those at the peak of the control pyramid clearly now know this and so are looking for ways to at least initially limit the potential from their agenda being repeatedly exposed. Of course, although citizens may now have their wireless device remotely deactivated for recording in specific locations, you can be certain that the government agents in uniform will still retain the right to record whenever and wherever they like.

This questionable patent also comes after a recent software update from Apple that allows the government to directly send out ‘alerts’ to iPhone users and if we pair these things together we can see what a powerful tool of control a seemingly innocent wireless device can potentially be. Something as ‘harmless’ as a mobile telephone can now allow the government direct access to millions to let them know of supposed threats and dangers – therefore easily influencing the behaviour and movement of large proportions of the population, while at the same time preventing them from recording things of a potentially ‘sensitive’ nature, ensuring the likelihood of things running far more smoothly for those in authority.


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