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June 19, 2012

Apple’s iOS 6 Incorporates Orwellian ‘Government Alerts’ Feature

Apple iOS 6 Government Alerts

Apple’s eagerly anticipated iOS 6 operating platform for it’s mobile devices will feature a rather unsettling ‘Government Alerts’ feature. The “Wireless Emergency Alerts” or WEA capabilities have been built in to comply with the federal government’s “National Alerting Program” which was announced last December and requires all new cellphones to have the capability of receiving ’emergency’ alerts directly from those in power.

Users will apparently be able to ‘opt out’ of the alerts by using a simple on/off toggle switch within the settings menu, however there is no option to opt out of the feature completely when installing the update. It’s being advocated as a useful tool for keeping citizens informed of local disasters and imminent ‘threats’, yet the potential implications of such a thing are huge. When you look at how many people now own Apple wireless devices and then consider the fact that most of these users will likely not venture into the settings to deactivate the feature, you can see how it easily grants the government instant and direct access to millions, allowing them to ‘alert’ people to things that only perhaps the media previously would have.

This small and likely insignificant feature to many is actually a perfect illustration of the totalitarian tiptoe at work. Large consumer corporations are being forced to comply with orwellian government demands, which in this case will serve to desensitize the masses to the notion of a government influence in every aspect of their personal lives, much like how we are also now seeing growing advancement towards a government influence over our internet use in the form of ‘censorship’.

People are far more easy to control and manipulate when they’re in a state of fear and what this ‘government alerts’ feature really does is give those in the positions of control and authority an effective means to keep the masses in a state of blind subservience through the alerting of so called ‘threats’ that of course they must then be protected from, regardless of whether they’re completely fabricated threats designed to further specific agendas or not…


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