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December 12, 2012

Australian Councillor Calls For Report Into “Poisonous” Water Fluoridation

Water Fluoridation Poisonous

In some promising news, Moreton Bay Regional Council in Australia may stop the fluoridation of its drinking water after a discerning councillor has called for an independent report and quite rightly described it as “poisonous”. Councillor James Houghton brought the subject to light during a ‘coordination committee meeting’ and stated that “the council should opt out because the people were never given a chance to opt in.

The councillor also said of how he has now seen so much evidence about the dangers of fluoride ‘they’ put in our water from both the public, a natural medical practitioner and of course the internet. Thankfully, he managed to win the support of his colleagues on the matter and have a report on water fluoridation presented to a councillors’ workshop, and fellow colleague, Councillor Dwyer, even said he wanted the report extended to include other potentially poisonous additives in tap water.

Houghton correctly argues that people should have the right to opt out of being indiscriminately fluoridated via their drinking water, and that if certain others were to want to continue inducing the toxic waste by-product for some deranged reason, they should take it in a tablet, or some other form.

While it’s highly unlikely that this ‘report’ will be come back in support of pulling the plug on water fluoridation, it’s encouraging nonetheless, to see members of government doing independent research of their own into issues that matter, and properly representing the people in a manner that most MPs and councillors around the world sadly don’t know how.


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