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August 20, 2013

Australian Government Brings Mandatory Vaccination One Step Closer

Mandatory Vaccination

The authoritarian Australian government has brought the mandatory vaccination of our children one chilling step closer by announcing that parents who consciously choose not to get their offspring vaccinated will not receive necessary state benefits. Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, proudly publicised his party’s latest coercive and illiberal move during a speech at Westmead Hospital in Sydney (presumably for full emotive effect) where he explained that the benefit, worth a considerable $726 per child, will only be received if that child is vaccinated at one, two and five years of age.

Under the government’s stringent new policy, exemptions would only apparently be made on “religious” or “medical” grounds, yet the growing global concern that excessive immunisation of children actually undermines their developing natural immunity and can conceivably lead to the emergence of new and irreversible vaccine induced-illnesses such as autism and other behavioural conditions, would, I imagine, not be considered “reasonable grounds” for medical exemption.

The Australian government has previously asserted that it want’s to boost vaccination rates to a predominant 90% of all children to prevent putting others “at risk” (oh the irony!) and has unequivocally stated that the science of immunisation “cannot be disputed.” – Now would that be the same kind of unquestioning science from the government advisory yes men that is also behind “indisputable” anthropogenic global warming I wonder?

Evidently, as the number of people around the world consciously choosing not to repeatedly pump their young ones full of state approved, unknown chemical concoctions increases, with no corresponding spread in the diseases they are supposed to safeguard against, the illuminati controlled governments of the western world are in a panic to hurriedly undermine the long term health of as many people as possible before a majority awaken to their agenda, and this is without doubt, one of the preliminary steps to the mandatory state vaccination of the masses.

Once this measure has been largely accepted, people will then be told that similarly, if they wan’t their child to attend school, then they must be fully vaccinated, and if people don’t directly object to sweeping new dictatorial measures like this, then it realistically won’t be too long before innocent, otherwise law abiding citizens are having their front doors kicked in and pet dogs shot to death by a pack of armed state extremists, for simply declining to have their child immunised by the authorities “for their own good”. There really is only one road dangerous measures like this can lead down…

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  1. nubwaxer

    OMG, a government that acts on scientific facts to improve the welfare of its citizens. You know this hellhole also requires citizens to vote?

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