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July 11, 2013

Baltimore Students Taught to Shun 9/11 “Conspiracy Theories”

Baltimore Students 9/11 Indoctrination

Caroll County middle-schoolers have been enrolling in a “summer enrichment” history class in which they have been ‘learning’ all about the 9/11 terrorist attacks that occurred before they were born which rather tellingly includes a warning not to pay attention to “conspiracy theories” that surround them because they “lack credence”.

The impressionable 11 & 12 year olds are unsurprisingly told only of the official version of events concocted by the Bush Administration and propagated by the controlled corporate media and are also taught to commend post 9/11 security measures like the Patriot Act, that will sadly serve to increasingly restrict and violate their freedoms throughout their future lives. 12 Year old Casey Jillson, after attending the class, naively explained that the attacks weren’t just a “bad thing”, as “our country learned to be more safe and secure.”

The teacher of the class, Mike Chrvala, who is apparently “passionate” about 9/11 as he grew up outside New York City, said that he hopes his students will become “little torchbearers to teach about 9/11” and according to him, after just one week of indoctrination, sorry, “instruction”, the students apparently have a more precise knowledge of the “facts” than many of those who watched the tragedy play out on the mainstream media stage that day.

While this is currently an optional extra-curricular class, it is highly likely that such a discipline will become a permanent part of the state syllabus in the very near future, in order to help curb any dangerous capacity for critical thinking in the uncluttered young minds of American students. As the ruling psychopaths agenda for complete control steadily unfolds, it is critical that the younger generations are effectively conditioned to accept and even embrace their impending state servitude. Here we see then, quite clearly, that history is indeed written by the victors.


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