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March 23, 2014

BBC Flashes Blatant Illuminati Symbols During ‘Match of the Day’ Promo

During a promo for the BBC’s popular ‘Match of the Day’ football highlights show last Sunday entitled “Beware the Ides of March”, a number of blatant illuminati symbols were flashed on-screen for no obvious reason other than to subliminally program the subconscious minds of the millions of sports fans watching.

The Ides of March, a day on the Roman calendar associated with the assassination of Julius Caesar and the start of the Roman Empire was used as a theme for the BBC’s promo piece whilst the seemingly unrelated illuminati pyramids & all-seeing eyes were flaunted to its licence paying viewers.

It actually makes perfect sense that the BBC, a thoroughly corrupt paedophile harbouring propaganda outlet for the British government masquerading as a ‘bastion of truth’, would want to associate itself with such symbolism as it is, ultimately, an occult mass mind controlling institution paid for by those having their minds controlled.


  1. lee

    Open nick … Its all in the eye …M25

  2. susan bolt

    OUTRAGEOUSLY blatant. The voice over is also disturbing.

  3. victor

    What a sick world we live in. I now understand how the middle east sees us. We are a scary and dangerous society except now we are IN DANGER. The evil has come home to roost. God help us.

  4. Jean

    I apologise if I am on the wrong site, I am looking to complain about extremely annoying symbols that come zooming out of the television screen,every time tennis,football athletics, well nearly all sporting programmes are shown. Once I enjoyed watching Wimbledon but not anymore,I am wondering if others get as annoyed as I do.

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