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June 21, 2012

Big Brother ‘SMART’ Boxes Fitted To New Drivers Vehicles

A new so called ‘smart’ box is being publicised by government bureaucrats and motor insurance industry brokers alike as being an effective way for young drivers to potentially reduce their annual premiums. This ‘smart’ box is fitted to a new drivers vehicle and “high-tech computer telematics” then track via satellite the manner in which the driver behaves. Acceleration, top speed, braking and cornering are all then scrutinised in order to judge whether the driver is ‘responsible’ and therefore qualifies for a reduced rate of insurance.

This may well sound like something out of an orwellian science fiction movie to those who are aware of the illuminati’s overall agenda for complete surveillance over every aspect of the peoples lives, yet unfortunately this is not fiction it’s reality and it will sadly no doubt be lapped up by the masses due to the fact that it’s being introduced under the guise of saving money. Interestingly, in the United States, a bill has recently been passed by the Senate which aims to mandatorily implement a very similar device. Section 31406 of Senate Bill 1813 (also known as ‘MAP-21’), calls for “Event Data Receivers” to be fitted to all new vehicles from 2015, with penalties being imposed against those who fail to comply.

Make no mistake, the introduction and promotion of these new vehicle spy boxes fundamentally has nothing to do with road safety or saving individuals money. They represent yet more collusion between the government and consumer industry and will ultimately enable those in power to know absolutely everything about your personal travelling routines and behaviour. Granted, if you were to permanently drive in an unrealistic and inefficient manner then you could currently perhaps pay a slightly less extortionate rate for motor insurance – yet extortionate none the less. However, once the fitting of these boxes becomes commonplace they will inevitably then be used by the state to extort the motorist more effectively without the need for outside speed cameras or human operated radars should you happen to inadvertently disobey the ‘rules’ – regardless of circumstance, effectively removing the ‘inconvenience’ of human discretion.

This motoring ‘smart’ box will sit aside your ‘smart’ phone and your ‘smart’ meter – all of which are slowly but surely desensitising the population to the idea of direct government control over every aspect of their personal lives and what this ‘smart’ box in particular will also act to do is teach new impressionable road users to drive like drones and to blindly obey the parameters of a black box, instead of engaging their own mind, thus helping to progressively eliminate the capacity for independent thought in the population in yet another way, which is exactly what those in control want.


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