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January 15, 2013

Bill Clinton Calls The Right To Bear Arms “Nuts”

Bill Clinton Illuminati Liar

Bill Clinton recently crawled out from beneath his rock in order to give a speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (and assumedly earn himself a nice fat cheque as his fee for a one off appearance is reportedly $500,000) and in the process of doing so, didn’t miss the opportunity to air his opinion (toe the official line) in regards to gun control and the recent tragic Newtown Massacre, proving that once a puppet, always a puppet. However, quite what the politics of gun control have to do with consumer electronics, I don’t know.

The former US president, liar and cheat, stood on the podium at the show and in a rather jaded manner proceeded to ask the bemused audience irrelevant rhetorical questions, such as “why does anybody need a 30 round clip for a gun?” and “why does anyone need one of those things that caries a hunk of bullets?” before quickly ‘enlightening’ them as to how “half of all the mass killings in the United States have occurred since the assault weapons ban has expired”. If we are to assume that statistic is true, which of course it very likely may not be considering it’s coming from the mouth of a known liar, it’s still completely misleading used in the context it was as it doesn’t tell us wether mass murders using these weapons are actually on the up or down since the ban expired.

To answer croaky Clinton’s original questions however, people don’t necessarily need a 30 round clip or assault rifle, they want them and in a supposedly ‘free’ country they should be allowed the right to have them if they so wish, especially if the government, the military and the police are also given that right. It may well be that it’s their hobby or passion to own, collect and responsibly use these firearms, or they may simply feel far safer having them to hand, both from the threat of ‘petty’ criminals but also from the trigger happy corporate enforcement criminals in uniform ignorantly serving to implement the illuminati agenda, or, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, “as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”. Why do people ‘need’ fast powerful cars, why do people need anything potentially dangerous? The answer of course is they don’t, they want them and so long as they enjoy them responsibly, in a free world who is Bill Clinton or anyone else to tell them otherwise? Should we ban all cars because people are killed by speeding or drunk drivers, of course not, therefore how is making these weapons unavailable to law abiding citizens going to prevent murderous criminals getting hold of them and committing atrocities? It isn’t.

Secondly, obviously the majority of mass murders are going to be committed using these types of weapons as the ‘deranged’ lunatics carrying them out sadly want to inflict as much harm possible and a handgun simply wouldn’t be as ‘effective’, yet a ban on these weapons is not going to make a person who is already considering mass murder think twice about obtaining one ‘illegally’. You then have the fact that to anyone who bothers to look into these events and see past the heap of mainstream propaganda that perpetually surrounds them, most, if not all of these supposed ‘maniacs’ that suddenly ‘decide’ to go on a shooting spree are quite clearly government mind controlled patsies serving to forward an agenda, which makes any and all arguments for an against gun control in this context irrelevant.

This is the first step of the ‘elites’ agenda to disarm the population of the US. They need to take assault weapons out of the hands of the general public as it is these that pose the biggest threat to the coming new world order and it’s shadowy architects. Once the general public has been brainwashed into agreeing to surrender the right to own these, then another massacre will no doubt be orchestrated, yet this time the mind controlled shooter will be using a hand gun and so the ‘need’ to remove all firearms will then be planted into the public psyche until they too are given up. It’s the totalitarian tiptoe at work and we mustn’t fall for it. These powerful men in dark suits care not for the victims of these mass shootings because as horrific as it sounds, they are the ones behind them. ‘They’ want a powerless, unarmed populace so they can implement their agenda for compete control far more easily and because these interbreeding, controlling illuminati bloodlines are devoid of the ‘petty’ emotions of empathy and compassion as they view them, they are willing to do absolutely anything to achieve it.

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  1. mike luttrell

    like u say once a puppet always a puppet they need to worry more on keeping american money in america FIRST

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