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January 25, 2013

Bill Gates-Backed Meningitis Vaccine Paralyzes 50 African Children

Bill Gates Population Reduction Africa

Investigative journalist, Christina England, has reported on the Vactruth website that approximately 50 children in the small African village of Gouro, Northern Chad, have sadly fallen foul of the “MenAfriVac” vaccine which was developed specifically for Africa to supposedly ‘cure’ Meningitis and was promoted and backed by billionaire eugenicist and population reduction proponent, Bill Gates.

The vaccination reportedly caused children as young as seven to suffer hallucinations, convultions and ultimately paralysis. The ‘side’ effects apparently appeared within 24 hours of receiving the shot as many of the children who were exposed to the toxic concoction started experiencing headaches and fits of vomiting soon after.

Parents and the local authorities tried to seek aid from senior government officials but it seems their cries for help were initially ignored. England, revealed how a cousin of one of the affected children told her of how when Chad’s Minister for Health did finally show up nearly a week after the children had been affected, it was to try and bribe the parents and keep them quiet about the appalling incident and lets be honest, it’s hardly a surprising tactic of the government, as who in Africa doesn’t need money?

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, have been outspoken supporters of the global vaccination agenda, having voiced the ‘need’ to curtail population levels a number of times and before wiping out vast swaths of the developed world with their squalene ‘enriched’ venom, why not test it out on the poor and unsuspecting inhabitants of the national concentration camp, that is Africa, eh Bill. Multiple millions of dollars have been spent on the vaccination program for the western indebted continent when in comparison, only a few thousand has been spent by the Red Cross on wells to provide crucial access to clean water – the illuminati established World Health Organization and the sinister Bill Gates Foundation, clearly getting their priorities straight there then.


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