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October 11, 2013

Brilliant! Belgian Firefighters Cover Riot Police With Foam in Anti-Austerity Protests

Riot Police Covered in Foam

Earlier this week, inflamed Belgian firefighters took to the streets to protest working conditions and continued cuts to the service and ended up somewhat amusingly soaking unsympathetic riot police with water and blanketing them in foam to display their displeasure at the force’s unsupportive presence.

Riot Police Covered in Foam

Divide & Conquer

The fuming firefighters gathered outside the prime minister’s office but were unfortunately met with barbed wire barricades and riot police who, instead of standing alongside their fellow colleagues, were predictably in attendance only to protect their possessive paymasters housed in the elaborate buildings behind.

Riot Police Covered in Foam

30 fire trucks also joined forces to block the Brussels ring road, bringing traffic to a halt and the humiliating, yet peaceful protests seem to have worked, as the grasping government has now agreed to listen to their demands, proving that mere placards and posters just aren’t enough to make the pigs in power pay attention.

Riot Police Covered in Foam


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