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June 20, 2012

British Soldiers Sacked Days Before Collecting Pension

The British army, which has recently jettisoned over three thousand personnel apparently specifically targeted a number of individuals who were within ‘arms’ reach of a lifelong payout. This latest move is in keeping with other recent action by the UK government to effectively hijack pensions right across the public sector in a pitiful attempt to claw back some of the billions it’s hemorrhaged on military action over the last decade and to also futilely attempt to reduce the national debt by feeding it’s ever growing arrears to the private banking cartels who loaned it the money in the first place.

The armed forces pension scheme is known for being one of the most generous in the public sector with individuals expecting to receive on average forty percent of their finishing salary, yet this recent move goes to show how military personal are really viewed by those in control – merely as cannon fodder, as pawns that exist only to allow them to further their agenda in the global game of ‘command and conquer’.

Although admittedly, a callous move on the governments part, those who are awake to what is truly going on in the world and who do not support military action can surely only view this development as a potential wake up call for both the current state sponsored murderers fighting the illegal wars of the illuminati and for the young and largely ignorant adolescents of society who are perhaps considering a career in the military, to simply not bother.

Again, although it may sound harsh and unsympathetic toward those who have ignorantly ‘sacrificed’ considerable periods of their lives fighting the battles of the worlds elite, one can’t help see this as perhaps some sort of karmic debt that these individuals are now paying for unwittingly taking part in an illegal war which has helped to further the illuminati’s agenda for control of the Middle East and more importantly which has resulted in the death of far too many completely innocent men woman and children who posed no threat whatsoever to those in the western world, for, in the grand scheme of things, is ‘ignorance’ a valid excuse for cold blooded murder?


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