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July 6, 2012

British Terror Forces Descend On Bus And Detain Passengers After False Alert From Public

M6 Bus Terror False Alert

Coming just days before the anniversary of the ‘7/7’ London bombings, a coach carrying 48 passengers was halted and surrounded on the M6 motorway yesterday after a passenger had reported suspiciously seeing ‘smoke’ on board. Seventeen, yes seventeen police vehicles, thirteen fire engines, four ambulances and military units of war all quickly descended on the scene while the passengers were detained for hours, before being marched off at gunpoint and made to sit cross legged, in silence on the ground until ‘Team UK Terror Force’ gave the ‘all clear’ after eventually realising that it was just a guy smoking an electric cigarette which emits water vapour, that had panicked the fearful passenger.

Vermillion Von Kangur – a twenty year old student on board the coach said as she was forced off at gunpoint she feared that if she made a wrong move she may have been shot and the frightening reality is that she almost certainly would have been. Due to it’s occurrence right before the anniversary of the ‘7/7’ London bombings and of course with the grand illuminati occult fiasco that is the ‘2012 London Olympics’ just around the corner, it’s highly likely that this was a controlled exercise by the UK government designed to test the response of it’s eager beaver ‘anti’ terror forces but more significantly to re instil that false threat of ‘terrorism’ amongst the public.

Even if this was a genuine mistake and subsequent gross overreaction to the false cries of one moronic member of the public who has clearly been exposed to far too much western mainstream media terror propaganda, it still sadly illustrates how the true terrorists – those orchestrating things at the top of the illuminati control pyramid have succeeded in getting the herd to effectively police itself and perpetuate the fake threat without their help. The masses are now so controlled by the ludicrous fear of the boogeyman from middle east that they will let irrationality completely override common sense.

Regardless of what it really was, this brazen show of force by the over eager authorities and every other like it will serve yet again to desensitise the masses to the increasing militarisation of the western world and clearly illustrates to those with even the slightest understanding of what’s truly going on behind the curtains that the only terrorists we need to be concerned about are the ones that work for the government and can have innocent, law abiding citizens held at gunpoint for hours for no cogent reason.


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