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August 4, 2013

Busta Rhymes: Illuminati in Hip Hop “Spiralling Out of Control”

Busta Rhymes Illuminati

In a recent interview with MTV’s RapFix Live, hardened hip hop hotshot Busta Rhymes spoke about the current illuminati obsession in hip hop and how he thinks it is now spiralling out of control. Explaining how he has “always been intrigued by the possible realities of secret societies, hierarchy governments and people that really pull the strings” (which is why he named his albums things like  The Coming, When Disaster Strikes & Anarchy etc), he says he is surprised at how over the past few years the topic has become “mainstream American dialog” and wonders if it will continue to “spiral out of control and become stupid” – and I think he may just have a point.

Referring to himself as a “diligent researcher” of the subject, Busta explained that while he thinks it’s important to have the conversation, it must remain “grounded in reality”, which is very true indeed. It’s all to easy to get caught up in the “OMG – he/she’s in the illuminati” finger pointing trap and completely miss the point of covert control altogether.

Concluding his interview, the rapper then went onto to interestingly describe how the “agenda is so much bigger than we could possibly imagine or fathom” adding that “the thought that they might be able control the way we think – the last thing they’re gonna need is some rappers’ dialect on a beat to influence anything.”

One of the illuminati’s greatest control mechanisms is to keep the people distracted, divided and arguing amongst themselves (whether it be about their existence or not) and most likely one of, if not the main reason so much popular music is packed with illuminati symbolism these days is to simply keep the masses tied up in idle triviality trying to identify who is ‘in’ the illuminati and distracted from the actual illuminati agenda being implemented all around them.

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