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June 29, 2013

Canadian Mounties Use Rising Floodwaters as Excuse to Seize Citizens Guns

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Jackboots

The rising floodwaters in the town of High River, Calgary, were recently exploited by overzealous Royal Canadian Mounted Police as a means to steal firearms from the homes of involuntarily evacuated citizens. The Calgary Herald reported that on Thursday, the RCMP forced their way into peoples properties and seized a “substantial amount” of firearms, using safekeeping as a rather dubious excuse for their unwarranted actions.

Sergeant Brian Topham told the newspaper “We just want to make sure all of the ‘those things’ are in a spot that we control”, yet residents were understandably outraged by the completely unnecessary and totalitarian tactics of the authorities. “It’s just like Nazi Germany – just taking orders” one resident yelled, while another correctly pointed out to the police, who had at this point set up an imposing blockade to prevent citizens from passing, “This is the exact reason the U.S has the right to bear arms.”

This unlawful seizure of firearms by the powers that be is comparable to the similar heavy handed gun confiscation that took place in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005, where one peaceful, otherwise law abiding frail 58 year old lady was thrown to the ground and set upon by police for politely declining to surrender her revolver, leaving her with a fractured shoulder.

It seems that the authorities are now willing to use any event, whether natural or manufactured, to forcibly disarm large groups of the population while simultaneously further eradicating their rights. Armed animated uniforms unlawfully entering your home and demanding you hand over your firearms “or else”, is, I think it’s fair to say, relatively tyrannical behaviour and it is exactly this menacing, slippery slope conduct from the state, that peaceful citizens should have every right to defend themselves against.


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