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April 7, 2013

Canadian Woman Arrested & Detained For Instagramming

Jennifer Pawluck Ian Lafreniere

In a shocking story straight out of George Orwell’s 1984, a woman from Quebec, Canada, was arrested and detained by police for four hours after posting an ‘anti-police’ picture on Instagram – oh the villainy! Jennifer Pawluck, a 20 year old artist, took a photo of graffiti in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve area of Montreal which depicted police spokesperson Ian Lafreniere with a bullet wound to his head, next to the letters “ACAB” (an acronym for “all cops are bastards”) and uploaded it to Instagram but was understandably surprised when a number of the aforementioned bastards turned up at her home with a warrant for her arrest following her apparently inappropriate thought crime.

Pawluck told The Huffington Post Quebec “Many of my friends do not like the police. I thought it would be funny to put the picture on Instagram. I do not even know who he is, Ian Lafreniere”. However, police officials accused her of uttering threats to their spokesman (although she’d uttered nothing) and detained her for almost four hours. She now awaits a trial date for her heinous crime but thankfully intends on pleading not guilty because that’s exactly what she is – not guilty, of anything.

Here we have yet another shockingly sad example of ignorant, overzealous police officers abusing their so called ‘powers’ and harassing otherwise decent members of society for effectively having an opinion. No crime was committed, no one was harmed and yet police thought it acceptable to detain a woman against her will for hours on end for posting a harmless image of someone else’s graffiti online. What this illustrates then, is how those in control are now closely monitoring popular social media websites in order to clamp down on any nonconformist thinking and regulate alternative information syndication, and how internet surveillance and control is very much part of the illuminati agenda.

The ironic thing with this story of course, is that due to these irrational cops whopping overreaction to a silly image being placed in front of a few people, that image is now being reposted around the internet and placed in front of millions, therefore completely nullifying their foolish attempts at censorship in the first place. If Jennifer Pawluck can face prosecution for sharing that image, then shouldn’t every other web user that shares it too? Are the Montreal police going to launch a global online investigation to track down and punish every last internet user that syndicates that apparently offensive image? No, of course they’re not but in their ideal world they would and given the time and technology, this is exactly what the illuminati are ultimately planning for those of us who dare to air an alternative opinion online.


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