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June 3, 2013

Canadians Now Face 10 Years in Jail For Wearing Masks at Protests

Bill C-309

The capital city of the straight-laced police state that is Canada, recently made a significant change to it’s Criminal Code that now means it is ‘illegal’ to wear a mask at a protest or demonstration. Bill C-309, passed last Wednesday, effectively criminalises anyone who covers their face during a protest (except for the police and those representing the state of course, who can still hide behind their fancy dress costumes and act with impunity) and anyone caught daring to exercise their right to anonymity, could face up to ten years behind bars.

The draconian legislation has sparked outrage amongst civil liberties advocates who say it tramples constitutional freedoms and prevents freedom of expression, and they plan on challenging it in the courts for these very reasons. Micheal Vonn, policy director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, described it as “outrageous” and argued that there’s all kinds of legitimate reasons to mask your face during a protest.

The President of the Canadian Police Association however, Tom Stamatakis, has said that he cannot see a legitimate reason protesters would want to hide their identity, robotically reiterating that the police are not out to break up peaceful demonstrations but to provide “law and order” – right, so nothing to do with ignorantly protecting and serving corrupt corporate interests in return for a paycheque whilst hiding behind a uniform then?

Whether this oppressive Bill is successfully challenged by the critics, matters not to those who don’t feel the subservient need to beg the system for permission to do something they already know they have the inalienable right to do in the first place. Matters like this call for peaceful non compliance and anyone who is familiar with the movie V for Vendetta – the very thing that inspired collective mask wearing at demonstrations in the first place, should know this. What exactly are the police and courts going to do if every protestor completely disregards this political poppycock – repeatedly arrest and jail thousands of otherwise law abiding citizens for wearing a mask? Of course not.

More importantly and somewhat encouragingly, what the introduction of this Bill shows, is that those at the top are unquestioningly unnerved and so are desperately hurrying to do everything in their power to stack the odds of control back in their favour. Protesters turning up together wearing masks (just as the police do) not only provides anonymity but also displays to those in control, the snowballing solidarity between we, the people, which is why it’s so important the trend continues.


  1. Francis

    thats why we don’t wanna live there! frkn assholes………

    • Rob

      Yeah, but there are some cool things about Canada.. just depends on which part of it you’re in. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised a bit if they pass some insane law like that here. We should all start wearing those fucking masks all the time. Fuckers.

    • Pam Little- Lovin

      yeah Francis…cuz your country is SOOO much better lol

  2. Heather Evans

    Fight the bill it’s bullshit.

  3. N2KMaster

    This is such utter nonsense. Just cuz the USA is screwing itself up doesn’t mean Canada has to follow suit. The movie didn’t bring the mask, the idiots in control of these countries did. How bout they accept some of the blame for once in their lives for complete f*cking this entire globe over….

  4. Kevin

    Actually, the law makes it illegal to wear a mask during a riot or unlawful assembly. It is still completely legal to wear a mask at a protest. However, if that protest turns violent or if it is deemed an unlawful assembly, whoever does not remove their mask will be arrested, according to the law. This gives police power to defuse riots by arresting whoever has a mask on. Those who are wearing masks during riots are often the ones doing the violence and vandalism, so this allows police to stop that. This in no way affects those who are protesting peacefully.

    • Jack

      Tell it to the people who were attacked by the police in the unconstitutional, ‘Free Speech Zone’ during the G20 in Toronto.

  5. Cindy

    It’s not so much a “Canadian” thing – as it is a QUEBEC thing. This all started because of the student protests last summer. Things are getting WAY OUT OF HAND HERE IN QUEBEC. Rights are being crushed more and more every day and it goes way beyond not being able to wear masks……soon we will not even be able to speak our own language in public if the O.Q.L.F and the Parti-Quebecois gets it’s way. REALLY WISH groups like Anon would pay closer attention to what is going on in QC – WE NEED HELP!!!!!

    • serena


    • serena


  6. Lo Ki

    This is total and utter B.S – this is a neo nazi conservative party continually and aggressively dicktating to the Canadian Citizens – slowly and ever surely they are beginning to strip away our right to protest and speak up and out for the ways in which this Govt is ruling through their laws with an iron fist agenda! To strike fear and silence those with the courage and heart of boldness in Truth against the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA!!!!

  7. tony

    no better over here.

  8. Justin

    It doesn’t matter where you live the corruption is global

  9. Polarman

    RLSHs (Real Life Superheroes) have been wearing masks right from the begining We are inspired by superheroes in comics not to commit acts of violence but to help others in need We stand against all forms of abuse We take part in neighbourhood watch and charity events We have been called Roll models for kids especially those with terminal illnesses such as Leukimia and other life threating diseases We help the police when there is a crime by tracking down where the crimminal may be hiding We give food and other supplies to the homeless we do community clean ups including cleaning around parks and snow removal

  10. Williams

    Although this does seem rather oppressive in terms of our rights and freedoms, I do believe that this is a necessary action due to the level of violence and destruction that takes place in protests and riots. Hopefully, this will deter protestors from causing destruction and mayhem if they realize their anonymity won’t protect them from facing justice. The Vancouver Riots of 2011 and the G20 Summit in Toronto are example enough of how ridiculous people get when they don’t fear the law.

  11. Dianne Rose

    Drones use facial recognition. What about wigs, toupees, beards, mustaches, contact lenses, hats, make up, cosmetic surgery, implants…… I too find that the more the dichotomy the more the “poor” draw closer together.

  12. Janet

    Just to mess with them instead of a mask wear a helmet like the cops wear, with a shield.

  13. Dom

    There needs to be a protest on parliament with thousands of people wearing masks.

  14. ehehe

    im wondering – what about moslim women here?

  15. sierrashelby

    what ever I will wear a mask if I want too and no fricken moron is gonna tell me ten years in jail for doing so. get a grip. good thing I only follow GODs law . mans law does not matter to me.

    • Xey

      Here is your god’s law…
      Romans 13:1-7
      Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God’s wrath but also for the sake of conscience. …

  16. Georgia Van Voorhis

    A new criminal code law just made, hot off the books, disallowing masks… What is happening to the free world? AND A SENTENCE OF 10 YEARS IN JAIL? Is this Canada we’re talking about? Sounds more like something that would happen in Russia under Honorable Putin! OUTRAGEOUS.

  17. Aaron D

    It’s impossible to protest in the Winter with these rules. Forget wearing a mask to hide your identity, what about covering up to prevent frostbite? Our nation’s capital has bitterly cold winter temperatures. It’s foolish to go outside without covering your face!

  18. Robert Crawford

    This Conservative Canadian government has been the worst dictatorship that this country has ever seen.

    • Dan

      Well Robert, unless the other parties can get some support outside of Quebec, they will get elected again. Take a look at what the alternative was in the last election. Jack did a wonderful job building a party, but it was all in Quebec basically. Harper didn’t have any support in that province and will not next time around either. So he will give no more than he needs to to Quebec in the meantime. Then half of the NDP voters will jump back to the Bloc or support Liberals, and then you have a repeat conserve gov. I would be somewhat surprised if Harper actually runs again.

    • serena


  19. Dan

    Look at this video, this is why. There is not one peaceful intention about it. It has absolutely nothing to do with what this particular website is promoting. This site actually believes in the Red Riding Hood story and will get you so paranoid you will self destruct your own life, you won’t the :man: to do it for you. People don’t show up at peaceful gatherings with hammers clubs and who knows what.

    Oh watch out, that airplane up in the sky is poisoning you! Get a fucking life!

  20. Anonymous

    Time to fetch some facepaint!

  21. John Taylor

    It is important for the future of Canada that Canadians reject the governance of Harper at the next election.
    This sort of law reduces the freedoms of peaceful protest.

    (however wearing a mask while committing vandalism or theft is not a part of peaceful protest)

  22. Anne

    Why would you wear a mask at a protest…….if you believe in the cause and you are peacefully demonstrating why are you hiding your face……..I would be proud to show mine at a protest or whatever that I truly believed in……its usually the ones that are there to create havoc, incite riots, etc. who cover their faces.
    I personally want to have the people who destroy property and create havoc arrested and punished for their actions.
    Where has common sense gone, people do not have the right to destroy, damage and injure or worse in the name of a cause during a demonstration or protest.

    • Dan

      Anne you are absolutely right on this….so do I want to see it. Because I am sick of seeing idiots on the national news who are doing exactly what you said. Toronto was a prime example of how bad it can get. Some of those same people were also charged in a summit meeting held in Vancouver years earlier. Talk about having freedom taken away…well you are free to own a business in Canada too, and should be free of having idiots destroy it and think they should not be held responsible. I am a proud Canadian and I don’t give a crap about that law because it does not effect me one bit. Plus, this site is being controlled by someone who is 6 hours out of my time zone, placing them someplace in Europe. I can control my own life, really do not need somebody who knows jack shit about Canada or the people that live here. Tell ya what, you get caught by the person who owns the business doing what that video shows, you will wish you got the ten years in the slammer instead of what that person may do to you. Yup, real tough guy behind a mask backed up by 100 other lunatics…….one on one….bring it on..but that will never happen because a coward is a coward, no matter where they are. Thank you Anne for saying what the absolute majority of Canadians are thinking.

      • Dave

        Great idea guys. I agree there should not be vandalism in a protest. But be careful what laws you accept. Next thing you know, you, a law abiding peacfull protester will get ten years for having long hair or sunglasses on. These laws desencatize a police state. You should be willing to show your face but you dont have to. Remember its a free country. We should be allowed to wear whatever we want.
        Hugs 🙂

  23. Lance

    Article is full of BS read the bill and formulat your own opinion. Don’t be sheep complaining about people being sheep…..

  24. Zanite|Martin

    Using a Guy fawks mask and marching for something you belive in should not be illegal!

  25. Anonymous Citizen

    …for all you here… read the novel 1984 by Orwell and at least you will not be surprised by what is comming…

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