The State Is Obsolete

The State is Obsolete

Fitting scenes taken from an episode of the 1959 T.V series The Twilight Zone, entitled “The Obsolete Man”, in which a librarian is tried by a future totalitarian state and is to be “liquidated” for bei...
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Jackie Chan America Corrupt

Jackie Chan Calls America The Most Corrupt Country In The World

Hollywood hit maker and veteran martial arts star, Jackie Chan, has recently spoken of how he thinks America is the world’s most corrupt country, in a Chinese T.V interview. He told Phoenix T.V how he believes that China ...
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Roseanne Barr Hollywood Illuminati

Actress Roseanne Barr Exposes The Dark Side Of Hollywood

In a recent revealing interview with RT, Emmy and Golden Globe award winning veteran actress, Roseanne Barr, spoke candidly of the dark side of the entertainment industry, exposing what really goes on ‘behind the scenes&...
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BBC Match of the Day Illuminati Pyramid

BBC Flashes Blatant Illuminati Symbols During ‘Match of the Day’ Promo

During a promo for the BBC’s popular ‘Match of the Day’ football highlights show last Sunday entitled “Beware the Ides of March”, a number of blatant illuminati symbols were flashed on-screen for n...
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The Faculty Library Scene

They’re Here, They’ve Been Here and They’re Here Again

Taken from the classic 1998 sci-fi horror The Faculty.
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The Simpson's Stonecutters

Freemasonry in The Simpson’s “Homer the Great” Episode

The Primetime Emmy-nominated “We Do” taken from the classic Simpson’s episode Homer the Great, where Homer joins an ancient secret society called “The Stonecutters” and subsequently discovers he is...
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