Bill C-309

Canadians Now Face 10 Years in Jail For Wearing Masks at Protests

The capital city of the straight-laced police state that is Canada, recently made a significant change to it’s Criminal Code that now means it is ‘illegal’ to wear a mask at a protest or demonstration. Bill C-...
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Tila Tequila Illuminati

Tila Tequila Wages War Against The Illuminati

For those who have never heard of Miss Tila Tequila (real name Tila Nguyen), she’s a 31 year old former Playboy and glamour model, reality T.V star and general ‘celebrity personality’ who is the exact kind of ...
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Queen Elizabeth Freemason Nurse

Queen Emerges From Hospital With Head Nurse Wearing Illuminati Belt Buckle

Queen Elizabeth, who had recently been admitted to hospital for a supposed stomach upset was recently pictured by the worlds brown nosing media leaving the building with her entourage of lackeys, secret service agents and one e...
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British Airways Illuminati Insignia

Hidden Illuminati Messages in Pompous New British Airways Ad

“World’s favourite airline” plays its part in pushing the agenda While I was hesitant in posting this due to it’s fairly obscure nature and lack of obvious illuminati symbolism, it did get my spidey sens...
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Devil's World

Does the Devil Really Exist? 70 Percent of Americans Seem to Think so…

Apparently the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist, yet it seems that Satan himself may not have actually managed to pull it off after all, as 70 percent of Americans still seemin...
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Jackie Chan America Corrupt

Jackie Chan Calls America The Most Corrupt Country In The World

Hollywood hit maker and veteran martial arts star, Jackie Chan, has recently spoken of how he thinks America is the world’s most corrupt country, in a Chinese T.V interview. He told Phoenix T.V how he believes that China ...
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Coca-Cola Anti-Illuminati

Anti-Illuminati Coca-Cola Ad Incites Revolution

A strange and somewhat conflicting advertisement for Coca-Cola surfaced from Publicis Spain recently, that while ‘officially’ is about tackling obesity, appears to also place the concept of the illuminati in plain s...
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Weird Al Yankovic Foil Hat

Weird Al Yankovic Mocks Illuminati Conspiracies in New Video ‘FOIL’

As part of the launch of his new album Mandatory Fun, singer/songwriter and satirist Weird Al Yankovic has been releasing one new music video per day over an 8 day period and Wednesday saw the release of FOIL, a parody of Roya...
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Annie Lennox Illuminati

Annie Lennox Lashes Out at the “Dark” Illuminati Controlled Music Industry

After Sinead O’Connor’s open letter to Miley Cyrus in which she warned the twenty year old temptress of the evils of the exploitative music business, Annie Lennox, another former pop pioneer and industry insider, al...
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Obama Speech Fail

Obama Makes a Complete Ass of Himself and Shows What a Puppet he Truly is

President Obama was rendered completely speechless yesterday during an appearance in California where he was supposed to be giving a speech about the importance of ‘his’ healthcare program, because someone had forgo...
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Michigan Freemason Seal

Drug-Fueled Freemason Party Broken up by Police

Local police in Michigan had to break up what they referred to as a “drug-fueled orgy” at a Masonic lodge over the weekend. Officers were called to the prominent temple in downtown Battle Creek (which just so happen...
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Sochi Olympics Illuminati

Illuminati Symbolism in the Upcoming Sochi Winter Olympic Games

Watched by millions worldwide, the Olympic Games have steadily become a global focal point for those behind the curtain to capitalise on and spew their tedious and tiresome (yet still largely unrecognised) occult and illuminati...
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BBC Wimbledon Chemtrails

Subconscious Chemtrail Programming ‘Hidden’ Within BBC Wimbledon Intro

It’s no secret that the corporate-controlled mainstream media is constantly exploited by vested interests in order to subliminally brainwash the absentminded masses and the BBC, aka the British Brainwashing Corporation is...
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Illuminati Pope Benedict XVI

The Pope Wants A New World Order To Secure ‘Peace’ & ‘Justice’

The grand illuminati wizard from the Vatican who wears the silly hat and has billions hopelessly spellbound under his fear based sorcery has illustrated perfectly who he truly serves, by calling for the “construction of a...
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