Illuminati and Music

July 21, 2012

Chris Brown Reveals Sinister New Tattoo Complete With Illuminati Symbolism

R&B singer Chris Brown recently unveiled a new, rather interesting looking tattoo on his back via his twitter and instagram accounts. It features a volatile looking, venomous fanged rattle snake with a triangular pupil and penrose (or impossible) triangle on the end of it’s tail in place of the rattle, complete with an all seeing eye at it’s centre – much like the capstone of the illuminati pyramid. The previous domestic abuser tweeted that it’s

representative of the Chinese year of the snake and fans have speculated how it could also represent the apparent love triangle between himself, Rihanna and Drake – another current rap superstar.

Considering Brown’s success and fame within the music industry however, it’s hard to ignore the glaring illuminati symbolism in the piece that perhaps points to a deeper darker meaning. It’s more likely symbolic of the illuminati controlled industry he’s a part of and of those who control him and determine his success; cold blooded, callous, reptilian, sycophantic and potentially fatal if defied.


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