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August 17, 2012

Courthouse Shooter Believed He Was Being Followed By The Illuminati

Andrew Dennehy Tulsa Illuminati

A Tulsa man accused of opening fire outside a courthouse, resulting in himself, a sheriff’s deputy (who returned fire) and an innocent bystander all being injured, believed that he was being followed by the illuminati and other secret societies, according to his defence attorney. Before the shooting, 24 year old Andrew Dennehy had apparently told family members that he believed the illuminati were going to kill Christians after taking them to

a series of vast caverns located under Denver International Airport.

Facing a charge of shooting with intent to kill and two other firearms counts, Dennehy now has to attend a hearing designed to ascertain whether or not he is mentally competent enough to face prosecution. His father, a retired doctor has relayed a timeline of odd behaviour that has apparently plagued his son from an early age including pulling his hair out and going days without sleep, while psychologist Curtis Grundy has testified that Dennehy has “incorrect beliefs about reality”, has experienced “hallucinations” and told jurors “he has a very complex, delusional belief system that is bizarre in nature”.

Best friend of Dennehy, Andy Johnson, who has known him for ten years however, testified that he thought he was perfectly normal and did not seem to have any mental health issues, explaining that he was not a violent person, which seems to suggest that there may well be more to the story that meets the ‘all seeing eye’ so to speak. Interestingly, while being held, Dennehy has also expressed concerns about both the freemasons and the illuminati infiltrating the court proceedings.

Regardless or not of whether Andrew Dennehy was at the centre of some illuminati orchestrated conspiracy, or whether he merely allowed his belief in the illuminati to consume him in a destructive way (as can so easily happen when people come to this subject matter for the first time) isn’t necessarily what matters here. What is worth noting though, is how the idea of the illuminati, secret societies and conspiracies being orchestrated by them is immediately associated by professionals with delusion, mental health issues, and hallucination.

Dennehy has been denounced as having “incorrect beliefs about reality” by a psychologist who will most likely never have heard of the illuminati prior to dealing with him and so of course these things are going to sound bizarre and strange when you hear them for the first time, yet who is a psychologist to dictate what reality truly is and whether or not these secretive, centuries old organisations exist? Dennehy, of which he isn’t the first, spoke of the illuminati, freemasonry and events being orchestrated under the clearly sinister Denver International Airport and to anyone with just a little background knowledge of these subjects these things are far from fictional. Even if Dennehy was genuinely mentally ill, that shouldn’t immediately render the things he has spoken about as untrue and in fact it may well be the realisation of these things and reality not being what he has always believed it to be, that have perhaps driven him to his abnormal and extreme actions outside of the courthouse.

For anyone who has now heard of, or been associated with this case, the idea of the illuminati, secret societies and related conspiracies will no doubt automatically be associated with lunacy, delusion and fiction and so if these topics surface again in the future they will instantly be dismissed as such, without any pragmatism or real investigation being undertaken. In this way, linking the notion of the illuminati with ill health and fantasy is a very good tactic for keeping people away from looking into it and potentially uncovering certain important truths that could help liberate both themselves and others and it therefore serves as a highly effective safety mechanism for those situated at the the top of the unobserved control pyramid.


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