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March 20, 2013

Crazy Rapper Tried To Sacrifice His Friend To Join The Illuminati

Wafeeq Sabir El Amin Illuminati Sacrifice

An aspiring Richmond rapper reportedly tried to sacrifice his friend in a foolish attempt to join the illuminati and secure stardom. 27 year old Wafeeq Sabir El-Amin, of Henrico County, Virginia, took aim at his friend and tried to shoot him in the head, declaring “You are my sacrifice”, as it was his mistaken belief that a blood sacrifice had to occur in order for him attain success within the illuminati controlled music industry, yet the bullet ricocheted off the victims hand, which allowed him to then grab the weapon and shoot Wafeeq in the stomach in self defence.

Investigators at the scene of the attempted assassination recovered literature dealing with the illuminati and it’s alleged connections to the music industry, as well as a pound of marijuana, which will no doubt be linked to the shooters ‘irrational’ beliefs about the secret society, in order to discredit the concept of it. Prosecutor Thomas L. Johnson said that the two day trial set for El-Amin in June will “delve” into the hip hop music culture and the notion that a secret society called the illuminati has control over the success of some of its performers – which, if anything, should be quite interesting for the jury.

Of course, the illuminati do indeed partake in blood sacrifice and associated occult ritual in order to appease their demiurge but that does not mean that anyone wishing to secure success within the music industry and ‘join’ the ancient secret society can simply go around murdering whoever they like and be granted instant membership, that’s not how it works. To be a true member of the illuminati, an individual must bear lineage to one of the few ‘elite’ ruling bloodlines of old and the performers, actors and public faces within the illuminati controlled entertainment industry today are merely soulless paid puppets, not ‘members’ of the secret society.

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  1. Charles Thomas

    Well looks like in this case the Illuminati accomplished what they intend to accomplish, and that’s to put another black person in jail. Like the article said “Only those with a particular blooline are members of the Illuminati”. You can have all the money in the world , but if you don’t have that blooline don’t even bother. But their are Illuminati puppets who do help with carrying out their agenda weather knowingling or un-knowingling. Their are 13 known Illuminati bloodlines and their decendants from those bloodlines who are so rich and powerful that no one knows their true wealth, not even Forbes Magazine… For instance the Rothchilds are reportedly worth 500 trillion’s that kind of money that the Illuminati bloodlines are involved in.

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