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January 3, 2013

‘Criminals’ To Be Tracked & Monitored From Space

Illuminati Global Surveillance

‘Justice’ Chiefs in the U.K are planning to roll out a nationwide program which aims to tag and track ‘dangerous’ criminals via satellites in space. GPS tags will enable the authorities to pinpoint the exact location of ‘dangerous’ offenders after information is beamed down from space to a control centre, allowing ‘real-time’ tracking and supposedly giving probation officers the ability to monitor offenders 24 hours a day. In a similar fashion to how current ‘curfew tags’ work, an ‘excursion zone’ will be set and an alarm triggered alerting the authorities, if the tagged individual strays too close to it. The difference with these new GPS tags however, is that the authorities no longer have to rely on an alarm being triggered and can instead track the tagged individuals day and night, something, that along with RFID tagging and tracking, the architects of the new world order are very keen to phase in over the masses.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said: “Satellite tagging will allow us to keep a much closer watch on high-risk and persistent offenders, who cause so much harm. Monitoring the movements of dangerous offenders will be vital in cutting crime.” However, as explained in previous articles referencing the ongoing agenda to tag and track the population, it will initially be introduced under the guise of ‘safety’, ‘security’ or ‘efficiency’ – exactly how it is here, in order to gain the support and acceptance of the masses and then once that acceptance has been secured, a reason as to why we should all be tagged and tracked for our own safety can then easily be introduced with minimal resistance. Problem, reaction, solution.

This latest push for the nationwide use of satellite surveillance technology by the authorities in the U.K is particularly significant because if it’s given the go ahead and is put into effect, then that’s a considerable number of people that will be being perpetually monitored by the all-seeing eye in the sky, criminals or not. The concept of thousands of people being monitored, 24 hours a day, will have been planted in the subconscious minds of the masses as something positive and productive. Who’s going object to large numbers of ‘violent’ and ‘dangerous’ criminals being monitored and kept in check?

In reality however, these GPS tags have nothing whatsoever to do with reducing crime and improving society, they’re about slowly yet steadily introducing the concept of complete global surveillance and for dealing with dissidents of the system that pose a threat to the implementation of the new world order, while allowing the true criminals at the top of the pyramid to be left to freely continue on with their sick agenda for human enslavement.


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