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July 14, 2013

David Icke Raises Over £300K For New Alternative News Channel

David Icke, the man who is repeatedly ridiculed by the illuminati controlled mainstream media for his supposedly ‘outlandish’ theories postulating that our world has been hijacked by a malevolent cabal of inter-dimensional reptilian entities (which perhaps suggests that he might actually be onto something) has once again wiped the floor with the corporate news reading naysayers by raising a whopping £300,000 in just a few weeks, for his new alternative news channel The People’s Voice.

The channel, which unlike the current tedious corporate media outlets, will be a non profit organisation, is intended to do exactly as it’s name suggests – give the people a voice, and not just any old voice but one that has the potential to effectively challenge the control that the mainstream media has held over “the news” for far too long now.

David is now seeking a suitable studio in the centre of London, as to be situated in the centre of the hive so to speak, as well as passionate reporters and presenters, professional equipment that will rival the biased media’s polished technology, sponsorship and everything else that goes with running a global media news outlet.

Whether you believe the world is ruled by a cold-blooded, callous and power hungry reptilian ‘elite’ or not, you can’t deny that the tremendous support Icke has managed to generate in such a short period of time is encouraging and demonstrates that people are ready for change and want to see real, unbiased and uncensored opinion aired on T.V – something the mainstream media has always been so good at steering clear of.


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