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January 11, 2013

Disney To Use RFID Tracking Bracelets At Orlando Resort

Disney RFID Tracking MagicBand

The Walt Disney Corporation has recently announced a plan to take “the Disney guest experience to the next level” by, yup, you guessed it, the implementation of RFID tracking chips incorporated in bracelets somewhat ironically named “MagicBands”. As part of the new “MyMagic+” program that is to be rolled out across the resort this spring, the new so called ‘magic’ wristbands will replace conventional physical tickets, act as guests room keys and payment accounts (cashless society) and will be combined with an interactive website and of course the obligatory mobile ‘app’, to allow visitors to thoroughly plan their trip

and enhance their experience at the resort, supposedly “creating an experience that’s better for everyone”.

As has been previously mentioned numerous times here now, the concept of RFID tracking cannot simply be imposed upon the population for what it truly is, as it would obviously be rejected. Instead, as we are now repeatedly seeing on almost a daily basis, it will be introduced under the false pretense of safety, security, or, as is the case with this new Disney MagicBand, ‘efficiency’. The introduction of this RFID tracking bracelet by Disney is particularly significant however because firstly, Disney being the largest media conglomerate in the world, without doubt has knowledge of the illuminati agenda for human enslavement and is clearly playing it’s part in helping to implement it and secondly, although we have already seen RFID chips being implemented in the form of cards and badges, the bracelet is far more sinister, as it is marks the final stage before RFID implants under the skin are introduced, as has always been the ultimate aim of those in control.

What better way to introduce the RFID tracking bracelet to the masses, than in Disney World, the worlds most popular theme park that represents a dream destination for millions of people all over the globe, a resort that is associated by all who visit it with magic, freedom, fiction and fantasy. It’s actually quite a ‘smart’ move on the part of the corporate illuminati, as it really is the perfect way to get the younger generations accustomed to the idea of being tracked during their daily lives and completely dependent on transmitting bracelets for performing simple daily tasks, which will mean that later on in their lives, when the time comes for the chip to be permanently implanted in their arm and their lives irreversibly ‘synched’ with the central processing computer, there will be no resistance, or even any consideration given to the implications of it whatsoever.

Ironically, the official face of Disney, Mickey Mouse will apparently not be the only rodent at the resort this year, as millions of ‘test subjects’ are set to be tagged, let loose and scanned, surveilled and monitored to within an inch of their vacationing lives by a hugely powerful and influential occult corporation. The illuminati are clearly not holding back with their agenda and if anything are moving forward with it at an increased rate. Now is the time therefore, to attempt to awaken the minds of the masses, no matter how difficult that may be, as the alternative for all of us is simply unthinkable.

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  1. jose

    God will come soon to lift his church. This is the begining of off what soon be the mark of the beast(666). My advice is to accept Jesus as your only savior, seek for his love an let him manage your life, because the world is going from worst to WORST. Jesus saved my life and he loves you. Aqui vemos como ya se va introducie do el chip la marca de la bestia. Miremos al cielo clamemos al DIOS TODO PODEROSO, REY DE REYES Y SEÑOR DE SEÑORES, por que su venida esta cerca y ya pronto nos vamos con el a alabadle y darle toda la groria al nuestro Dios de pode. Cristo te ama hermano, acceptalo comp tu unico y exclusivo salvador y vive conforme a su voluntad como manda. Sera tu mejor decicion…

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