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November 6, 2013

Does the Devil Really Exist? 70 Percent of Americans Seem to Think so…

Devil's World

Apparently the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist, yet it seems that Satan himself may not have actually managed to pull it off after all, as 70 percent of Americans still seemingly live in fear of the beast, according to a Gallup poll conducted back in 2007.

The poll also showed that the amount of people believing in Beelzebub had grown considerably since the year 2000 and although it was admittedly carried out a number of years ago now, it’s likely that belief has continued to grow, especially when considering the ongoing evil being perpetrated across the globe, alongside the increasing amounts of satanic symbolism being subconsciously placed in front of the masses.

Satanic Illuminati

Anyone that hasn’t been indoctrinated into the disempowering mind control trap of orthodox religion will obviously know that there is essentially no such thing as “the devil” yet that knowing, or nonbelief doesn’t necessarily grant the immunity from the influence of the delusory demon that you might expect.

While the devil may just be a metaphor for our own base urges and indiscriminate instincts that when left unchecked, may lead to “evil” being perpetrated without the need for some otherworldly bogeyman whispering in your ear, the fact that so many people do believe in the Prince of Darkness, including many of those in the positions of power, means that there is a prevalent, fear based mindset pervading society, which if you’re a functioning and contributing part of, is going to be very hard to completely evade.

The Passion of the Christ Devil

For instance, you may not believe in the Devil yourself but you may be paying taxes to a clique of occult criminals who do and who are in fact using your hard earned contributions to further their believed demiurge’s twisted objectives through unnecessary war and conflict. You may not believe in the Devil yourself but you may be unwittingly exposing yourself to the creations of those who do, in the form of popular movies and music, which are largely designed to desensitise you to violence and exploitation.

A belief in the Devil allows for people to conveniently point the finger and blame things on “evil” instead of objectively looking at why that apparent evil was committed in the first place and perhaps doing something practical to prevent it from happening again.

Witch Burning at the Stake

A belief in the Devil is also a fortification of fear, which ironically, can lead to otherwise decent people committing acts of evil themselves in the very name of supposedly casting it out and this is one of the key reasons the ruling ‘elite’ want us all (whether consciously or not) either believing in, or indirectly supporting their imaginary fiend.

“The Devil” was created as a sinister control tool to manipulate the minds of the masses and this is why still to this day, we see so much satanic symbolism being incorporated into everyday life – to subconsciously reinforce the belief in the beast.

The Devil Illuminati

Whether the Devil exists matters not because the belief in him clearly does and that is all that’s needed for “evil” to continue being carried out, both by those who live in fear of the evil spirit and by those who worship it.

The answer then, is to do neither; to not live in fear of the Devil and accept that there is no such thing, while simultaneously remembering to not allow yourself to be involuntarily influenced, manipulated and controlled by those who sadly do.


  1. [DDT]

    Hey fool,

    you might wanna “prove” that “the devil doesn’t exist” ?
    Oh wait…you can’t.

    How about nearly six thousand years and 14000+ non-biblical pieces of evidence against that ?

    Wake up, son. Wake up and do some real homework instead of blabbering foolish MTV pseudo wisdom.

    Take care

    • Twan

      infact the Devil and God, both are fictional characters.

      • Jack

        Oh he with little faith, tell me how is it that you do not believe? God sent his begotten son Jesus Christ who came to save the sinner of this world, repent and believe that jesus is truly the son of god who in fact is your personal lord and savior

  2. Admin

    Please feel free to share the 14000+ non-biblical pieces of evidence you speak of…

  3. Robbie

    I thought this was a good sight but then, when you dig deep it is full of nonsense.
    The devil does exist, I have seen and experienced him and so have the illuminate.
    Wise up and write something sensible. Know your enemy and when you find him you might direct your attentions and belief to the true God YHWH.

  4. Sabreena

    Infancy I don’t even know if god or the devil exists I mean there no hard evidence all of the stuff mankind found could have been written by a normal human or there truly is a god and the devil and I’m not saying I’m a nonbeliever but I sometimes question this myself a lot and I wonder and please don’t hate on me for this I do believe but I question I’m just curious and I’m pretty sure that a lot of people have the same question plus I’m young, really young I just take interest in this and knowing about this

  5. Mike

    Well, there are oceans of books, writings, teachings and stories that support both sides of this ancient debate but, the fact still remains that there is absolutely NO SOLID PROOF! Other than the “written” or the “spoken” word which really means squat! The ramblings of old mystics, jews, christians, muslims, or whoever…Ask yourselves this simple but profound question: If any of the holy books are in fact true, then how come they all tell a different story?
    Why do you think their “holy war” has been going on for so long? Because they ALL think their version is the RIGHT one…religion is the biggest form of human control…and for you Christians, that same story has been passed down for 1000’s of years. Centuries before the “Christ” story came to pass.the story of…”Deity (GOD) who transforms themselves from spirit into human consciousness, then performs some super natural miracles for proof of their divine origin, then is proclaimed the savior or messiah of man (protagonist) who is then challenged by a villian or devil (antagonist) and finally crucified or killed for their teachings or heresy…The Egyptians had Horus,Osiris,Isis,Seth and Ra (Same story) in fact, there have been over 20 different stories passed down regarding crucified saviors, messiahs, devils or whatever…Whether it’s “the Son of God or “the Sun God” they are stories that are borrowed in part from other religions tales. The Yule log of the Pagans became the Christmas tree of the Christians…I tell you what, if there ever was such a thing as Jesus or Satan they were smart enough to leave this wreched planet and it’s wreched humans long, long ago…

  6. Raptor Anon

    There is no proof god or the devil exist. There is no proof they do not exist.
    Please also consider that christianity is not the only religion. Before making any assumptions you should study other beliefs as well. God could be many things.

    God does exist mathematically. Any areas of science which are yet to be explored can be considered as god. We don’t know what was before the Big Bang. We do not know what is beyond our universe. We do not know if the universe will come to an end or how exactly it will end. There are many theories around this but they are only theories. Being agnostic I believe that it is right to beleive in god simply because god could exist. If you truly research this and educate yourself you will find that there are dark and vague parts of the universe that are worthy of striking fear into you. Humans are naturally afraid of what they don’t understand. We must explore the universe and learn about it. Perhaps one day we will find god. Perhaps we will solve the puzzle.

    I am certainly not an atheist. Atheists I believe are just as blinded and closed minded as they claim theists to be. I believe humans should be open minded. If there is anything the “illuminati” or any evil force wants it’s for the people to be closed minded and easy to control and manipulate.

    I was born to a family of many religions and beleifs I have grown to understand the mindset of all of them and from that information I have come to my own conclusion about it all.

  7. peter

    Wow! Guys take it easy, God and Devil truly exist, All i know is that God sent his son Jesus Christ to die for the sins of mankind. Devil, fallen angel or Satan, which ever you call him, he came to this world to kill, thief and to destroy. Is either you join the side of Jesus Christ so that you will be saved or you end up in hell with Satan in the last day of judgment, believe me there is no two ways about it!

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