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March 11, 2014

Don’t Tase Me Dro! Texas Tech Company Introduce Totalitarian Taser Drone

A Texas based tech company has given a glimpse into the fascist police state future with the introduction of a so called ‘smart’ personal security drone capable of electrocuting ‘intruders’ with 80,000 volts via an onboard taser.

The Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone (or Cupid), is controlled via a ‘smart’ app which tracks ‘subjects’ on the ground until approval for a strike is granted by the user, at which point it drops into fully autonomous mode and deploys it’s 80,000 volts of onboard oppression directly into the captive below.

Cupid’s creators Chaotic Moon Studios, who have developed software for the likes of Fox, CBS, Intel & Disney, last week released a video demonstrating their new dictatorial drone’s lethal capabilities and despite the obvious prototype nature of the drone, it still provides a peek into what the not too distant future may look like once the highly-strung authorities adopt similar, albeit slightly more sophisticated technologies.

Don't Tase Me Dro!


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