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July 2, 2012

Elizabeth Windsor To Receive £6 Million ‘Pay Rise’ Despite Economic Decay

Elizabeth Windsor Greedy

The ‘beloved’ monarch of the British masses and occupier of the top of the illuminati control pyramid Elizabeth Windsor, is to receive a 20% ‘pay rise’ from 30 to £36 million despite a recession and the fact that her property holdings, known as the Crown Estate turned a record profit of £240.2 million through March 2012.

The 85 year old largest land owner on Earth and sovereign to whom no law can be brought against is given an annual ‘allowance’ courtesy of the British tax payer, which assumedly goes toward paying for her hard days of ‘work’ being ferried around her kingdom in a custom Bentley, surrounded by her own private police force and armed guards, to make ‘appearances’ in front of her subjects while they all wave little flags and cheer on their slave master.

Her ‘pay’ is now calculated as 15% of the Crown Estates profits two years prior, which is designed to rise and fall with the economic ‘health’ of the country and this is clearly working beautifully as the majority of the population are increasingly being forced to work longer and harder for less, while this monster is handed a lump sum of millions for doing absolutely nothing.

I wonder how much interest can be accrued from a £36 million lump sum being deposited into in your bank account? I suspect it would be a considerable amount and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s still earning on the previous years allowance of millions. Considering the state of the country and the world at large this is grotesque avarice but that’s what this woman and her family truly represent and always have done – there’s nothing ‘gracious’ about her.

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