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March 4, 2013

Every Sheriff In Florida Promises To Preserve Second Amendment Rights

Constitutional Florida Sheriff

In some encouraging news that is unlikely to be covered by the corporate media, all 67 Sheriffs in the state of Florida have, according to an email from The Constitution Club, willingly signed a pledge declaring that they both fully support Second Amendment rights (I should hope so, too) and that they will protect the rights of the people to lawfully bear arms, despite any unconstitutional crusades of the government.

Florida has therefore become the first state in the country to receive outright support from every one of it’s County Sheriffs and this should send a clear message to both the tyrannical, freedom opposing few in power and to fellow police officers around the country who may have forgotten who it is they actually serve, that they cannot simply ignore The Constitution and stomp all over the freedoms that our forefathers worked so hard to bring about.

Sheriff’s who have signed the pledge range from Thelbert Morgan of Escambia County in the North, to J.D Patterson of Miami-Dade County in the South. With the police often representing the frontline of state control, for true freedom to be realised, it’s imperative that they’re singing from the same hymn sheet as the people they’re there to protect and serve and although police ignorance still remains a huge hurdle to real change, this is a promising step in the right direction from Florida law enforcement.


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