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November 28, 2012

Ex-Goldman Sachs Banker & ‘Bilderberger’ Appointed As New Bank Of England Governor

Mark Carney New Governor of Bank of England

The so called ‘surprise’ appointment of a new Bank of England Governor that was made by the UK government on Sunday, in which Chancellor George Osborne decided not to instate another British candidate for the position, means that for the first time in it’s 318 year history, the Bank of England will have it’s first ever foreign Governor, as ‘Sir’ Mervyn King will be replaced with former Bank of Canada Governor, Mark Carney.

Carney, 47, will be paid twice as much as the previous Governor – a sizeable £624,000 per year and will also be given a ‘relocation allowance’ to help him with his move from Ottawa, which clearly makes perfect sense amid the sweeping austerity measures and cut backs that the government is currently making across the board (except in banking, obviously). What’s interesting about this new ‘surprise’ appointment however, is that it ‘coincidentally’ comes just 6 months after the Canadian’s attendance at the 2012 Bilderberg conference of the worlds global ‘elite’, and that prior to being the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Carney spent 13 years working his way up through the ranks of the influential investment bank well known for it’s market manipulation and insider corruption – Goldman Sachs, or ‘gold in sacks’ as is probably a more appropriate name for the illuminati cartel.

What this essentially means then, is that Goldman Sachs will now effectively have influence over the fiscal policy and financial future of the UK via Mark Carney, which adds to, and in fact completes the picture of considerable influence it already has over the rest of Europe because if you look at other notable figures in finance and government across the ‘Eurozone’, they all unsurprisingly have considerable ties to Goldman Sachs.

For instance, the new head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, was Managing Director of Goldman Sachs International. Otmar Issing, who helped create the Euro was an ‘advisor’ to Goldman Sachs. Petros Christodoulou, head of Greece’s Debt Management Agency, started his career with Goldman Sachs. Italy’s current Prime Minister, Mario Monti, was an international ‘advisor’ to Goldman Sachs. Antonio Borges, head of the International Monetary Fund’s ‘European Division’ was the former Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs and as you can probably imagine, the list goes on. Coincidence? Hardly, this is by design and it represents the illuminati blueprint intended to aid the implementation of its agenda in Europe over the coming years.

Although Mark Carney is officially being reported by the mainstream media as being instated to bring a “fresh perspective” to UK banking and to help “steer the country through incredibly challenging economic times”, what he has actually been chosen for, and in fact specifically placed in this position to do, is to further consolidate and control Europe’s wealth and power, not in the interests of it’s people of course but in the interests of the private, illuminati created and controlled banks, in order to advance the new world order with it’s single currency and global governance, dictated to by that pervasive private banking ‘elite’.


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