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October 15, 2013

Expert Architect Enlightens News Anchors About the 9/11 Lie

Richard Gage, an architect of 20 years and an authority on steel framed, fire proof buildings, enlightens two surprisingly accommodating news anchors as to why the World Trade Centres (including the third building rarely discussed within the mainstream) could not have collapsed due to intense fire alone.

He plainly explains how the key features of controlled demolition were “unfortunately” present, including free fall footprint collapse, pools of molten iron found on the ground and trace elements of nano thermite detected in the dust, all of which have resulted in Gage and now over 1000 other awakened architects and engineers demanding a new investigation to replace the official 9/11 commission cover-up report which intentionally overlooked so many key factors.

Almost every architect & engineer we show this information to agrees with us that these are controlled demolitions ‘if’ we can get them to look at the information because obviously the implications of a controlled demolition are… dark.


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