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April 17, 2013

False Flag or Not, The Boston Bombings Will be Exploited to Advance The Illuminati Agenda

Boston Police State Following Marathon Bombings

Following the two explosions at the Boston Marathon on Monday that left 3 people dead and many more injured, people now want answers and naturally, theories abound as to who the true perpetrators behind the vicious and cowardly acts were. If the corporate owned media is to be believed (and its isn’t) then this was an act of ‘terror’, whether it be by the illusory bogeyman from the desert, or by a closer, domestic ‘threat’ and of course they will be more than happy to remind you of this ‘fact’ by drilling their favourite fear based term deep into your subconscious mind with their slick reports and broadcasts that are shown looping on the telescreens ad infinitum.

Those of us who don’t instantly swallow what the Ministry of Truth propagates will perhaps be considering the possibility of yet another false flag terror attack to keep the masses in a constant and easily manageable state of fear and give those at the top of the control pyramid the convenient excuse to advance their agenda with little resistance and while this certainly is a possibility, especially when considering that like many previous false flag attacks, ‘drills’ by the Boston Bomb Squad just so happened to be taking place on the same day as the attacks and that eye witness accounts of the events from the ground contradict the mainstream media’s official version, it is still early days and the fact that the loss of life, while still horrible and completely unjustified, was minimal, perhaps suggests a more amateur plot, unless of course, that was the approach the men in black were going for this time.

Regardless of whether the Boston bombings were orchestrated by the shadow government or not, the fact remains that those in control will quickly capatilize on the hurt and suffering of those involved, in order to advance their authoritarian agenda and ultimately cause more hurt and suffering in the long run and in that sense, it is a win-win situation for the illuminati. They can either orchestrate an elaborate attack themselves in order to engender a reaction from the masses and subsequently justify draconian restrictions placed upon them to supposedly ensure their ‘safety’ and ‘security’, or, sit back and let their controlled media pump out fear based propaganda on a daily basis, planting dangerous subconscious seeds in certain unstable minds and wait for the inevitable to happen and when it does, take advantage of it for the very same reasons.

Already we are seeing predictable calls for heightened security procedures around similar events like the London Marathon this weekend that people will unquestioningly comply with, as when something as terrible and unexpected occurs at what should be positive events like this, it sadly doesn’t take much for people to cry out for measures to prevent it from happening again and unwittingly and irrevocably hand their precious freedoms, privacies and liberties away in the process, ironically, the very things they believe to be protecting by calling for a police state in the first place.

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    Que loucura, meu, malditos illuminats 🙁

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