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February 25, 2013

Firefighters & Locksmiths Refuse To Assist In Spanish Evictions

Spanish Firefighters Refuse To Assist In Banking Evictions

In a heartening display of common sense and solidarity against the possessive banksters that was long overdue, firefighters and locksmiths throughout Spain have been flatly refusing to assist the banks and the state in callously casting people out of their family homes.

The President of the Locksmiths Union, David Ormaechea, explained that following a number of post-eviction suicides, many locksmiths are no longer prepared to carry out the banks inhumane wishes to evict people from their homes. “Families lives were being ruined and we were acting as executioners” he said.

The Spanish banking cartel and it’s main debtor, the government, then turned to the fire service to step in and ruthlessly force open the doors of those resisting eviction but firefighters too have refused and said that they come to the aid of people in emergencies, not to put people’s lives in danger by evicting them.

Perhaps the Police and Sherriff’s departments around the world who are ignorantly serving to protect the corporate interests and not the people as they ought to be, should to take note of this illustration of incorruptible levelheadedness and unanimity from their fellow professionals, as it is they, when they turn up to forcefully evict otherwise law abiding citizens from their homes in return for a pay cheque, that are in fact acting unlawfully.

Defaulting on a mortgage is not ‘against the law’ and is certainly not a police matter and therefore any officers taking part in such unscrupulous activity should be ashamed of themselves and be relieved of their duties at once, as they are a danger to the people.


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