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February 25, 2014

‘Fitbit’ Bracelets Recalled Following Spate of Allergic Reactions

Fitbit Force

Fitbit, the manufacturer of the world’s most popular fitness ‘activity tracker’ has recently recalled all of it’s $130 ‘Force’ devices in the wake of a spate of unsightly allergic reactions being reported amongst unsuspecting users.

Fitbit Force Recall

Following the launch of the wireless wristband late last year which tracks your physical activity before syncing with a mobile phone, a steady stream of users have been reporting severe skin irritations, with some even posting pictures of their afflictions to the company’s well liked Facebook page of 240k, many of which were reportedly then deleted by admin in an attempt to cover up the issue.

Fitbit Force Recall

Fitbit now says that ‘independent’ test results following the recall indicate users may have had allergic reactions to materials used in the strap or adhesives used to construct the wristband and have promised frustrated consumers a full refund in return.

Fitbit Force Recall

As more of these trendy wearable gadgets designed to bring people around to the idea of being permanently tracked and logged in preparation for the RFID chip implant are adopted by unconscious consumers, it’s hardly surprising that some of them are beginning to experience what in all likelihood are natural reactions to the unnatural practice of wearing a wireless transmitter around your wrist day and night.

Fitbit Force Recall

As the general populations’ love affair with ‘convenient’ wireless widgets’ snowballs however, the high frequency, electromagnetic elephant in the room will likely continue to go unseen by most, allowing the agenda for the assimilation of us all with harmful automaton-like technology to march on without charge.

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