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August 9, 2012

Forcibly Vaccinated Then Diagnosed Autistic

This video tells the harrowing story of a mother and father who firmly believe both their son and daughter developed autism after being vaccinated. Johnny was born a perfectly healthy, happy and strong baby but after receiving his early 4 month vaccinations quickly became ill and was hospitalised. Later, after being given another 12 month vaccination he became ill again and was soon transformed into a very different little boy – losing his major developmental functions and later being diagnosed by ‘professionals’ with autism.

Johnny’s sister Sierra, was then born and understandably the parents were very reluctant to have her vaccinated but say they were forced to do so by their doctor. After being vaccinated she quickly swelled up, turned purple and was rushed to hospital with organ failure. A lengthy battle for her life then ensued but thankfully she survived, however, unsurprisingly just like her brother, she too was then diagnosed with autism – coincidence? hardly.

It is of critical importance to the illuminati that they access our young, healthy and correctly developing bodies soon after birth and undermine them with their poisonous, toxic unnatural concoctions and vaccinations provide the perfect vehicle for this – serving to suppress natural immunity and retard developmental and cognitive functions in the long term.

Of course, most medical professionals will deny this because they ignorantly believe what they are doing is in the best interests of the child yet the sharp increase in the level of autistic children being diagnosed which ‘just so happens’ to run concurrently with the increasing amount of vaccines children are being subject to clearly suggests otherwise…


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