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November 14, 2012

Former British Prime Minister And The Ruler Of Dubai Call For A Global Governance At ‘The Summit Of The Global Agenda Councils’

The Summit Of The Global Agenda Councils Dubai

The Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the UAE Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain Gordon Brown and the Executive Chairman of The World Economic Forum Professor Klaus Schwab, were amongst as many as 1000 other world leaders and influential figures that attended the opening sessions of the rather illuminati-esque sounding ‘Summit Of The Global Agenda

Councils’ in Dubai recently and unsurprisingly, there was a familiar theme being repeatedly spoken about; global governance.

Various speakers at the plenary sessions of the three day summit warned delegates that there are a number of challenges facing mankind that need to be tackled in order to sustain worldwide economic growth and that they had better prepare to face those challenges in the coming years. They were told of how the world is moving ahead without a clear leadership or global governance and how that poses a huge problem for individual nations.

Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain turned United Nations Special Envoy on Education said in his speech that “The absence of an international cooperation is hampering the growth of individual countries.” Professor Klaus Schwab, founder of the non-governmental ‘think tank’ (read highly influential illuminati organisation disguised as a harmless research body) – ‘The World Economic Forum’, interestingly described to attendees how “Our world will be completely different in a few years from now.” and echoed other speakers in saying that we face a new world without clear leadership and that without global governance, we do not have real leadership.

This of course is all just code speak for the illuminati agenda and the new world order that the ‘elite’ bloodlines are seeking to implement fully over the coming years and events like these are merely platforms for illuminati mouthpieces to do their propagandising and persuade all nations to get on board or else. The ‘or else’ here of course being the prohibited economic growth of their nation should they not concur. It’s that highly effective illuminati tactic of ‘problem-reaction-solution’ being employed again, in this case, to justify the need for a global governance that would otherwise likely be dismissed by most rational nations.

A global governance is of course the absolute last thing we as the people need, yet it is the exact thing the illuminati need in order to retain and consolidate their power before a critical mass of people around the globe awaken, as it will effectively place the fate of every nation on Earth in their hands and this is the exact reason why we keep hearing world leaders repeatedly speaking of the need for a ‘new world order’ and a ‘global governance’ in front of the world’s cameras and at events like this.


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