Illuminati and Music

July 24, 2012

French Montana and Tim Westwood Talk Illuminati Initiation

During a BBC radio interview with UK hip hop legend Tim Westwood, rapper French Montana addresses rumours about his and fellow rapper Rick Ross’ supposed affiliation with the illuminati, saying that it’s better to sell your soul for wealth and control than it is to sell it to the streets in return for nothing. Could this be viewed as a clear admission from someone within the music industry that you do in fact have to sell your soul to the illuminati controllers of the business in order to ‘achieve’ any form of noteworthy success?

The pair then go on to joke about and generally downplay the notion of the illuminati, saying that if ‘they’ were to knock at their doors asking them to join they would sign the whole ‘fam’ up without question. Of course, French Montana nor Rick Ross are no way ‘in’ the illuminati, they are merely popular artists that are exposed to the illuminati controlled industry somewhat and think it’s cool to talk as if they could be in some select, secret society.

Both Montana’s and Westwood’s knowledge and understanding of what the illuminati truly is, is likely limited and so they can only therefore immaturely joke about it when the topic arises. Also, Westwood is representing the BBC, an established protector of the status quo and one of the most influential propaganda outlets of the elite in the UK and so it clearly would not be in his best interests to speak about the illuminati in a serious and probing way. This is simply a case of “nothing to see here, move along…”


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