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April 1, 2013

Golden Gate Bridge Transformed Into Orwellian Surveillance Portal

Illuminati Surveillance Society

On March 28th, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco quietly switched over to an all electronic tolling (or should that be trolling?) system, which no longer gives drivers entering the city the option of handing over cold, hard cash. Motorists now have three undesirable payment options, one which includes the illuminati favoured RFID tracking chip, which is contained within a ‘tag’ situated in the vehicle, while the other two rely on cameras to photograph and record the license plate of the vehicle, which will undoubtedly be upgraded to a facial recognition system in the future.

Again, as with pretty much every other example of RFID tracking technology currently being softly introduced to the unwitting masses, this too is predictably being promoted under the guise of ‘efficiency’, with a cutesy little YouTube animation even being created to ensure people stay receptive to it. What the promotion of the Golden Gate Bridge’s new e-tolling system fails to inform the people about however, is the wider implications concerning their privacy and ultimately, their freedoms.

It is a specific aim of the illuminati to have a cashless society fully implemented in the coming years, with every individuals transactions, movements and activity being monitored and tracked via RFID technology and the way in which they will achieve this is to sell the idea to the people under the false pretense of ‘convenience’ and ‘efficiency’ and oh, look what we now have in San Francisco.

The major route into the city is now controlled by RFID and police-like license plate reading technology, keeping tabs on every person that enters and effectively refusing entry to those sane individuals who want to pay with actual physical money – no ‘tag’, no electronic bank account – no can do. This is exactly what the illuminati plan to have implemented at every entrance and exit of every major city in the Western world and once iconic locations like the Golden Gate Bridge have been used to dupe the masses into accepting this Orwellian technology, then it will be rolled out worldwide with little to no opposition from the people it is designed to enslave.

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