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November 19, 2013

Google & Bing Bow Down to British Government and Agree to Censor Search Results

Censored Google

Search engine giants Google and Bing both recently announced that they will agree to censor their UK search results following piling pressure from the bullying British government. Mainstream media reports were yesterday repeatedly broadcast to the nation, telling uninformed internet users of how Google and Bing will at last block a supposed 100,000 “revolting” results linking to child abuse, as a direct result of threats of oppressive new legislation being enforced by puppet Prime Minister David Cameron, if they refused to conform.

Various unsavoury stories of child murder, rape and abuse were dragged up by the establishment owned media in order to justify the Orwellian online action and drive the supposed need for it deep into the collective subconscious psyche of the sleeping masses, yet look past the obvious emotional media manipulation and you could quickly see how the reports then went on to actually speak of “illegal content” being blocked from the search results, which could of course be many things, not just specifically child abuse.

Make no mistake, this move, that represents the thin end of the wedge, has absolutely nothing to do with protecting children from abuse or combatting child pornography on the internet – something that has always and sadly probably will always exist, whether Google and Bing block their results or not. It is about increased government influence over the internet and the future censorship of ‘sensitive’ search results that could threaten the ruling ‘elite’s’ not so hidden agenda.

Now that the British government has successfully forced the two major companies that serve the vast majority of the population with their internet search content to censor their results, a significant precedent has been set by those in control.

Due to the crafty way that the censorship has been introduced, most people will support, accept and in fact come to expect private internet companies surrendering to unnecessary government demands in the future for the alleged good of the people, when they are not lawfully obliged to do so and when no noticeable benefit will actually come out of it for the people in the long run.

With increasing levels of legislation being introduced by the Government that aims to criminalise anything and everything that doesn’t fit in with it’s agenda, “illegal content” can and will undoubtedly be defined as many otherwise unobjectionable things.

For example, results appearing in the big search engines from developing alternative media sites, sites just like this one, that serve important opposing viewpoints to that of the official narrative, could easily be demonised by the controlled media, leading to a call for their removal to prevent potentially ‘dangerous’ individuals from accessing them and getting any bright ideas, and following more false flag incidents that will likely be linked with “extremists” and “domestic terrorists” who supposedly had interests in alternative media and “conspiracy theories”, those demands for censorship will almost certainly be made.

Like any draconian action those in control wish to successfully enforce upon the people, it must first be given the ‘soft sell’ in order to prevent them from seeing the bigger picture and realising where that action is ultimately headed.

The vast majority of uninformed citizens will of course be in favour of this new internet censorship, despite the fact that paedophile’s do not use Google and Bing to search for sordid content in the first place and that most of the real, key child abusers are actually those in the positions of power encouraging this suppressive nonsense.

The acceptance of it, is also the subconscious acceptance of unnecessary government control of the internet and of your live – whether those in favour of indiscriminately attempting to ‘eliminate’ child abuse know it or not, and as increasing demands are made by those in control for censorship in the future, as they inevitably will be, opposition to it will be minimal, leaving us, a few years down the line, teetering on the brink of an irrevocable abyss not too dissimilar to that of China today, where liberating information is intentionally kept from the people in order to prevent them from awakening to their enslavement and keep the psychopathic corrupt few in control.

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  1. lee

    Agreed, we are lambs. Now off to work with you ! How can the greedy, manipulative british government pay for illegal wars and corrupt politicians with all this lolly gagging ! Shame on your ungrateful lives, we allow you to provide us with wealth and riches in exchange for poor education, health care, small over priced houses and a multitude of carefully planned lies.

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