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January 24, 2014

“He Don’t Need No Permit!”

Screening at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, DIG is a short film about the distinct lack of liberty those in the U.S. and wider Western world naively believe they still possess.

A man digs a hole in his own back yard to release his frustrations at the world, harming no one in the process, and ends up being kidnapped by the state for daring to do so without a permit, much to his bewildered young daughter’s dismay.

The innocent, uncluttered young minds of the observing children contrast vividly with those of the fearful & conditioned ‘grown’ adults, and with the all too familiar whirring eye in the sky soon hovering above, it’s not long before two animated uniforms “just doing their job” arrive to arrest the man for his troubles.


  1. Mary-Beth Paisley

    This is an excellent short film about what America has come to…where you need to have a PERMIT to dig a hole in your own back yard, because if you DON’T HAVE ONE, you go to jail…because it’s NOW (among many other things) AGAINST THE LAW! MEN (nor women) can make laws, period! There is only ONE LAW, and it is called NATURAL LAW OR COMMON LAW! In short, it is that no person is to touch, mess with, kill, hurt, maim, etc, another person’s things/property/etc. THAT IS THE ONLY LAW, yet the PEOPLE are so AFRAID of their own GOVERNMENT NOW, that they will “go along to get along.” It’s so very sad & so very true! Many of us are very AWARE that this is WRONG, and that we NEED TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY(S) BACK, yet we do not know each other personally to become a force, and too many people are so brainwashed that they/we are SLAVES of an unfair and illegal system…and that the GOVERNMENT works for US…NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, that nothing is ever done to stop them, nor the people THAT CONTROL THEM! SO VERY SAD!

  2. decredico

    you do realize these are actors and this is fiction, right?

    • Ron

      I’m certain she does decredico, its a movie! Yet it does give a very compelling view of what is now happening in our world. Sit back, take a deep breath and WAKE UP!

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