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November 26, 2012

Healthcare Workers Fired For Refusing Mandatory Flu Vaccinations

Mandatory Flu Vaccination

A healthcare system in Cincinnati, Ohio, has made an example of 180 of it’s otherwise hardworking and loyal employees for engaging their brains and refusing to receive a mandatory flu vaccination. The system of course cited patient and staff ‘protection’ as the excuse for the mass culling, sorry, ‘firing’, as it proceeded down the cowardly route of sending them all “termination notices” just days before Thanksgiving, instead of speaking to them face to face, nice.

The independent thinking staff that refused to be stabbed, sorry ‘jabbed’, have now however, been told that if they do submit and agree to be injected with god knows what (which is offered free of charge, so it’s okay) then they will not lose their jobs. This unfortunately isn’t the first case of healthcare workers being bullied into taking unnecessary vaccinations by their government employers, as Rhode Island recently passed the first ever full mandate that requires all healthcare employees to be jabbed with a viral concoction, with a similar bill also being passed in the State of California, where all staff are required to take a flu shot and if they refuse, must wear a mask at all times while at work – I know which I’d choose.

Clearly then, if things are allowed to progress, it won’t be too long before all states and in fact all countries of the western world are annually injecting their healthcare workers with completely unnecessary vaccinations in order to prevent some supposed outbreak.

These mandatory vaccinations really have nothing to do with the health of the patients or workers, as those few in the positions of power that the healthcare systems ultimately answer to, couldn’t care less about the well being of those below them and in fact, want to keep them in poor health and dependent on their pharmaceutical industries, which is exactly why they are now working so hard to pass these pseudo ‘laws’ that intimidate vast swarths of the work force into being injected with their immune suppressing, toxic chemical concoctions.

Vaccinations are a huge part of the illuminati agenda and they are used alongside other health sabotaging techniques and fear spreading strategies, to suppress the health of, and eliminate the potential for awakening amongst the masses and while most sadly still unquestioningly allow a stranger to poke a needle through their skin (the very organ that is designed to keep foreign bodies out) and inject unknown chemicals into their bloodstream, more people are thankfully beginning to wake up to the damage vaccinations actually do, and refuse them, as can be seen with the bold and self respecting workers from Cincinnati.

It is vitally important that as the agenda to undermine the health of the masses via vaccinations gathers pace, those who are at the front line of it, refuse en masse, to be injected by their government simply because they are told to be, as once the majority are on side they cannot fire the whole workforce. We must remember that the power lies with the people and if we don’t begin to exercise that power, by way of peaceful non compliance, the illuminati agenda will continue to gather pace until it reaches a critical point where there is no longer enough people left who are able to critically think for themselves and therefore effectively challenge and overcome it.


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