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October 1, 2012

Help For Heroes – Where’s The Help For The Victims of The ‘Heroes’?

Help For Heroes/Murderers

Help for Heroes is a British charity that supports wounded soldiers and their families after time spent ‘bravely’ serving their country and protecting it’s inhabitants from the illusory bogeyman in the desert. It receives plenty of positive exposure from the mainstream media and is viewed by most who are unaware of the bigger picture and the illuminati agenda as an honourable and worthy cause. People proudly wear t-shirts sporting it’s name and logo, place stickers in their car windows to display their

support and representatives can regularly be seen standing outside the big stores shaking buckets and collecting money for the ‘heroes’.

One question that most supporters of the charity never seem to ask or even consider however, is that of what help are the victims of our so called ‘heroes’ receiving – those countless men women and children who have lost their livelihoods, their homes and even their family members? The answer of course is none. Yet after our ‘heroes’ have ‘liberated’ the desert people by flattening their cities, decimating their infrastructure and pillaging their country of it’s natural resources they come home to the unwavering support of the ignorant general public and are absurdly hailed as ‘heroes’.

Since the illegal invasion of Iraq by the imperialistic west in 2003, 179 British soldiers have died – that’s 179 unnecessary deaths, it’s sad but it’s hardly a huge toll for a war that has been being fought for nearly a decade. In stark contrast, it is estimated that up to one million Iraqi’s have been killed, thousands and thousands of which were innocent children and babies. Is this truly the work of heroes, or are we grossly perverting the meaning of the word and in doing so completely disregarding the lives of those innocent civilians that have quite literally been exterminated by the western war machine?

The other sad thing is that despite the existence of organisations like Help for Heroes, the government really doesn’t give a damn about the young men and woman who are pointlessly risking their lives and ignorantly serving to implement it’s agenda, they’re viewed simply as cannon fodder and the support they receive later on in life after having sacrificed much off their early lives fighting a phoney war is almost non existent. Henry Kissinger, a vile war monger and cheerleader for the illuminati agenda has even said of American troops that “They are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy” and unfortunately, in part at least that’s the harsh truth and the sooner the blind supporting masses and more importantly, the soldiers themselves realise this the better for all of humanities sake.

One of the easiest and most simple things that you can do today is withdraw your support for charities and organisations like the British ‘Help for Heroes’ because in donating to such entities you are allowing the illuminati military industrial complex to continue to plough ahead with it’s agenda. It was Albert Einstein who said “The pioneers of a warless world are those young men and woman who refuse military service” and this is still so applicable today. If nobody was to sign up to the military, then the illuminati would have no cannon fodder to fight their global family feuds and their agenda, at least in part, would be exposed.

George Orwell also once famously said “All the war propaganda, all the screaming lies and hatred, comes invariably from those who are not fighting” and again, this perfectly defines the current military paradigm. Next time you see or hear of ‘Help for Heroes’ or any other similar group for that matter try and remember what they truly represent. Think of the death and suffering of all those innocent men woman and children behind these so called heroes actions and withdraw you support accordingly.


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