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September 9, 2013

Hidden Illuminati Messages in Pompous New British Airways Ad

“World’s favourite airline” plays its part in pushing the agenda

While I was hesitant in posting this due to it’s fairly obscure nature and lack of obvious illuminati symbolism, it did get my spidey senses tingling upon viewing it for the first time and considering the upper-class, pro-establishment “flagship” carrier that British Airways is, it’s probably worth taking a closer look at.

The slick new commercial, entitled “Today. Tomorrow.” with it’s stirring instrumentals, snappy editing and sucky tagline “To fly. To Serve.” is clearly supposed to come across as an inspiring and creative piece that illustrates what a cutting edge and caring company BA is, yet step beyond all of that and look at the content for what it actually is and unsurprisingly, much of what you are subjected to during the one and a half minute broadcast is of the same old symbolic nature as other more flagrant illuminati visuals we frequently see elsewhere, just cleverly concealed in a subtle veil of ‘credibility’.

The advert opens with an unfolding palm and following a few quick flashes of nothing in particular, we see a passport being read with a quick focus on a single eye of it’s bearer while the time “18:34” displays.

The passport for most people of course is a symbol of their believed freedom, yet in reality it is the means by which the all seeing ‘elite’ can track, control and inhibit their inalienable right to freely travel the planet upon which they were born.

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism

“None shall pass”

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism

We’re watching.

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism

This time certainly isn’t ‘random’.

We are then shown the benefits of the so called ‘smart’ technology now being employed by the airline, with a QR code being scanned from the traveller’s phone, allowing him to take the “Fast Track” option (at an added extra cost, no doubt) instead of having to wait in line with the rest of the common cattle.

The QR code subsequently merges with a microchip which then transmits electrical flashes and impulses to a human brain. Is this an indication of where ‘smart’ technology is ultimately headed – an implanted and wirelessly mind controlled zombie nation? Quite possibly.

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism

The convenience of ‘smart’ tech.

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism

Behold, the chip…

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism

…that will govern your life and manipulate your mind.

Following more “illuminating” visuals we are briefly presented with a curious black horses head. Now this could of course just be any plain old horses head with no deeper meaning but with an advertisement of this calibre, that is highly unlikely.

As stated above, with BA being the quintessential flagship carrier of the UK, the horse, on the surface at least, more likely symbolises the long established values the airline believes it stands for, values such as honour, integrity and nobility, and this leads us onto it’s colour…

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism

The Black Nobility?

The horses head is of course black and The Black Nobility is term used to refer the interbreeding Roman aristocratic ruling elite of the 1800’s who founded the Committee of 300, or what many commonly refer to as “the illuminati” today.

What then, do we fittingly see happen just before the scene cuts? The lampshade above the horses head is turned on, illuminating it and symbolising the “illuminated” Black Nobility that covertly controls the world we live in today.

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism


Interestingly, the seemingly random time of “18:34” displayed earlier on in the ad, may actually refer to the year 1834, which is when various alternative researchers assert an Italian ‘revolutionary’ and member of the Carbonari secret society named Giuseppe Mazzini replaced Adam Weishaupt as head of the then Bavarian Illuminati, which subsequently paved the way for the Black Nobility to go about founding the Committee of 300, or the ‘New’ Illuminati, following the disbanding of the Bavarian Illuminati.

In the second half of the ad we see some questionable illuminati pyramid symbolism in the shape of the curved wing of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and while this could just be insignificant “artistic” imagery, it could also be an intentional artistic metaphor, as it just so ‘coincidentally’ happens, a few scenes later, as if to complete that image, we see more specific highlighting, or “illuminating” of the eyes of the passenger who is now onboard the aircraft looking out over the wing.

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism

Illuminati pyramid?

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism

followed by Illuminated eyes.

Toward the end of the piece, we are presented with yet more highlighted single eye symbolism followed by a close up of a human eyeball for good measure. A bird’s eye view of a cityscape then merges with further ‘smart’ technology and an illuminated planet Earth, or “brave new world” is presented while we hear the words “To Pioneer. To Engineer. To Innovate. To Imagine. To Fly. To Serve. Today. Tomorrow.” being spoken. Words that may be relatively insignificant, or that may very well have an alternative meaning depending on how you look at it.

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism

More illuminated eye malarky…

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism

…and an all-seeing eyeball…

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism

…presiding over our ‘innovative’ brave new world.

To “pioneer” and “engineer” what exactly? A new ‘smart’ controlled society that if you refuse to consent to, cannot operate adequately within? That’s what the visuals seem to suggest to me. And does “Today. Tomorrow” underhandedly imply the envisioned new totalitarian world of the illuminati, that huge companies like BA, complete with their illuminati-themed corporate identities and ingratiating elitist emblems are quite literally serving to bring about?

On closing, I’d like to remind any readers who remain skeptical of the alleged hidden messages in the advertisement, of the pro-establishment nature of the flag carrying British Airways, which enjoys various government afforded privileges for it’s preeminent status. Just look at the nauseating royal-esque illuminated insignia we’re left to focus on at the end of the video…

British Airways Illuminati Symbolism

Are we still living in the dark ages? This is anything but “innovation”.

In a world where true innovation and forward thinking for the betterment of humanity would renounce such obsolete classist nonsense, this well respected corporation is embracing and perpetuating it.

Finally, consider the fact that as well as being publicised in the corporate controlled media prior to it’s release, this commercial was also specifically scheduled to premiere in the half time slot between Friday night’s big England/Moldova world cup qualifying football match and it becomes pretty obvious that this is no mere innocuous, brand building exercise.


  1. Alan

    I love reading these articles, not because they are greatly written but because of the paranoia that you write about.

  2. John Borg

    This is absolute bullshit, you conspiracy theorists are a bunch of loons. All the stuff in this advert is clearly just to impress the viewer. Since there’s nothing visibly fascinating about British Airways that will put them above other airline companies.

  3. Admin

    Thanks for taking the time to comment guys! Your mockery is much appreciated and makes it all the more worthwhile 😉

  4. Cam Hu

    Question: If the illuminati are a secret society, why would they be putting symbols into the media that promote the possibility of a secret society?

  5. kahri

    the negative comments of these closed minded people should do a lil more research…of course i guess when ur informative knowledge goes no further than porn and stripclubs, this is 2 b expected…when i got 2 the pics of the horse lamp, i got the chills, made me think of 1 of the very 1st stories i read about the illuminati…*the denver airport…denver colts? very ingenious 2 camo thier bunker there*

  6. Mary-Beth Paisley

    Two more things I noticed, which one IS something and the other one makes me agree with Karhi about the Denver Airport. That was the FIRST thing I thought of when I saw the horse. The second is the shot taken above the earth…you can see the Chemtrails/Chemclouds when you stop the video and really look at it. I believe you also had a still of the picture too, and on the right hand side where it is really white, you can see the “ripples” or scaler marks that chemtrails with HAARP make.
    This is a very good and informational site. Thank you, by the way, for telling me/us what the “18:34” stood for. I tried some numerology on it, as I’m aware the illumitati is really into it, and it gave me nothing of significance. Now I know another thing I did not know before.

  7. OnTheFence

    At 0:12 did you notice the closeup of just 33? That is a number of significance to Freemasons.

    I’m just now starting to read about this type of thing, after brushing off what some friends have been saying for years. What got me was the recurring blatant symbolism in music videos, that seemingly have *nothing* to do with the lyrics. I’d always been a fan of Katy Perry’s, but after seeing her Grammy’s performance, I think I’ll keep to my unknown artists. Speaking of dark horses…

    Seeing the “dark” horse in the context of air travel, immediately got me thinking of Denver Int’l Airport.

  8. Kifa

    I believe in tiz secret society called Illuminati with dark abilities kuz I had been doing research from quiet long, at 1st I wud b d last person to believe sumthin la tiz but now I do… I too know some shattering facts about them and about their tricks to control entire world ….thank you for your articles!!!

  9. Too Tired

    0:34 line on runway with 20, line with 10 and 3 other lines = 33
    0:45 Chef? looks like a bio lab.
    0:46 Of course, it’s the food he’s eating.
    0:50 Shot frames doors as two towers
    1:13 Meter goes up to 33, lot’s of interesting info in this shot.
    1:22 as she says, TO SERVE, to the left of shot, is a woman head covered in black moving quickly across, and strange ‘bride’ wearing unusal white head garment also
    As for the BA symbol at the end, too much to even start with, do your own research on this symbolism. Loads more in this vid if you look.

    Paranoid?…Oh yes….night night

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