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November 13, 2011

The Hierarchical Illuminati Pyramid of Control

Illuminati Pyramid Of Control

The illuminati and those in control today use a highly effective yet strikingly simple system to keep the masses enslaved and in complete ignorance while they implement their agenda for total control, unhindered. This system is based on a pyramid structure and is one of the reasons why the pyramid is seen throughout illuminati symbolism.

Near to, or at the base of the

pyramid are all of the institutions we know and are forced into operating within today. Banking and the financial system, politics, the justice system, the military, mainstream media and the religions, the education system, the pharmaceutical industry and even organized crime all exist at this base level and the huge amount of people that operate within and serve them are for the most part completely unaware of the hidden hands of control that are guiding them and interlinking their institution with the next. Sadly, these people – people perhaps just like yourself truly believe that they are working for the greater good and this is exactly how those in control at the top of the pyramid want you to think, as you pose no threat to them and their endeavors.

While each institution appears to be separate from another they are all in fact completely interconnected and dependent on each other and in this interconnected fashion form the base layer, or fundamental foundation for the proceeding layer in the pyramid of control to be built upon. Each sector, industry or institution is compartmentalized and structured in such a way that each area works on and within itself and has little knowledge or concern with how the next area operates, so in effect, you have smaller pyramids operating within the larger pyramid.

Illuminati Work CompartmentalizationThis is much like how a modern corporation is structured, each department has its own responsibilities and targets that aren’t necessarily seen by the people operating within them to be linked with the other departments. This allows those in control of the mini pyramid, or corporation to get each person and department to contribute to the whole, without them necessarily knowing it. Those few at the top of the corporation or institution are then controlled and manipulated (whether consciously or not) by

the higher hands via financial reward, big bonuses and other ‘perks’ if certain targets and directives are met, into implementing new working

practices, laws and drugs etc that are released to the people at the base level of the pyramid, yet they will not necessarily know who, when, how or why these things have been brought in.

This hierarchical pyramid of control and manipulation can clearly be seen today in all of societies institutions and sectors. The control of money and finance is in the hands of very few people who, through the Bank Of England dictate the flow of the money supply via interest rates. The Federal Reserve in America does a similar job, an institution which to most looks like an official government body, is actually a cartel of private banking institutions that loans out money to the government whilst dictating the interest rates on those ‘loans’. The cashier or even the manager at a local bank branch really has no idea what is going on at the top of that bank and what decisions are being made by the chairman of the board.

Illuminati Mind CompartmentalizationAs stated, the illuminati pyramid of control can be seen in every part of ‘civilized’ life today. In the education system you have students that can only progress onto the next year, or level of learning after they have successfully demonstrated through examinations and assessments that they have retained the information that has been taught, or in truth, been indoctrinated by the teachers who are unwittingly implementing the curriculum that is dictated to them by the government and ultimately of course the illuminati at the top of the pyramid. This allows them to give society at the bottom of the pyramid the views and knowledge they want them to have that will best serve their agenda in the coming years.

In the military, the troops on the ground will not necessarily be aware of the overall logistics and agenda of the operation and war that they are risking their lives taking part in for a comparatively meagre amount of money, yet they will follow orders from their superior without question. Likewise, the

sergeant issuing the troops orders is too following orders from his superiors without necessarily being aware of the whole picture. The organized religions of the world peddle their doctrines to the followers through a series of hierarchical ordained members who have to then blindly believe what they are being told and worship their presented ‘God’ without having any real access to those at the very top of the religion who proclaim to know the truth.

You have to ask then, why the compartmentalization? why the blind ordered progression? If there is truly nothing to hide then why can’t each institution and sector be completely transparent and accessible? because that would expose the system for exactly what it is – an intricate network of manipulation and control that is being used on a massive scale to enslave and entrap the masses for their entire lives and that when looked upon in the right way is very obvious to see and actually quite simple at its core.

Illuminati Control & ManipulationAs this system of manipulation and control progresses upwards it becomes more limited in number and inaccessible to most, until you get to the very top which houses a relatively small number of ‘powerful’ families and groups. The top, or ‘elite’ families who not only control but fundamentally own everything at the lower levels relatively easily implement anything they desire freely and without redress through their vast array of influential institutions from their unseen place at the top of the pyramid, whether it be military action, an increase or decrease in the amount of money in circulation, or a change in the law that will affect you and me in our daily lives.

Again, this is what the ‘all seeing eye’ at the top of the pyramid that can be seen in much illuminati symbolism represents at least in part- the unseen or unsuspected families at the top of our societies watching and covertly manipulating and controlling us in almost every aspect of our lives.


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