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August 1, 2013

Hillary “Crazy Eyes” Clinton Honoured With American Patriot Award

Hillary Clinton Evil Illuminati

Former Secretary of State, Hillary “Crazy Eyes” Clinton, is to be ‘honoured’ with an American Patriot Award for “tirelessly” defending America, in a perverse action that can only be outdone in it’s sheer preposterousness by Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, which he received for his cowardly efforts in remotely massacring untold amounts of innocent civilians with his army of unmanned drones.

Clinton’s award, which comes from the National Defence University Foundation, will be presented to her at a grand illuminati gala dinner in Washington D.C later this year, where she will be surrounded by a pack of 500 likeminded sycophantic megalomaniacs and dark suited yes men. It is apparently only given to leaders who have “strengthened America’s strategic interests” and “advanced global security” and is therefore basically just a nod from the true shadow government to soul-selling political puppets for their efforts in implementing the illuminati agenda and so in that sense, Hillary is truly deserving of it.

The not so lovely lady, who is a member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group, will be the first ever woman to receive the award and if you look at some of it’s former recipients, such as George Bush Sr, Henry Kissinger and Colin Powell, Clinton will clearly be joining an ‘esteemed’ and select group of bloodthirsty war mongers and self-serving reprobates.

Rather than being honoured with a grovelling, undeserved and ultimately worthless award that will only serve to unnecessarily massage the reptilian part of her brain, this poor excuse for a “human being” should instead be tried for her crimes against humanity, yet such is the topsy turvy world we live in, where unfortunately the insane are still somehow in control of the asylum, this will likely never happen.


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