Illuminati and Music

July 2, 2013

‘How Stuff Works’ Illuminati Video Exposé

The popular knowledge based website howstuffworks has recently produced an intriguing series of videos entitled “Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know” in which the illuminati was somewhat surprisingly included as subject matter. This particular video focuses on the illuminati and the music industry and while admittedly basic in it’s content, it provides a nice little introduction for those who may be new to the idea of the illuminati, while remaining refreshingly unbiased.

There is a thriving group of conspiracy theorists who believe that some of the world’s most popular musicians from Lady Gaga to Toby Keith & Jay-Z are involved with the illuminati.

To skeptics, there simply isn’t enough evidence to back up these outlandish claims. To theorists, the symbols depicted in popular music seem to have too much in common to be a coincidence.


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